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Time to call out the philosophical tragedy of Connecticut’s excuse of a judiciary in public abuse of children under the color of law. The retarded Judge Thomas Moukawsher holds fascination for the insanity of mankind portrayed in the movie Full Metal Jacket, focused on the dehumanizing effects of pointless conflict, fueled by blind obedience to a totalitarian government sacrificing children for a chosen ideology. Mouk is an official Blog star.

Fascination with the helicopter door gunner spraying rice paddy peasants reveals Mouk’s miswired brain, symbolism of authority slaughtering the innocent is subliminal betrayal of judge club ideology, destruction of childhoods and families by liberty assassins in black, wielding unconstitutional authority, improperly assumed by jewish case law handed down from the tyrannical bench of the seven dwarfs over the last five decades. The real character of interest is Sergeant Joker, the kid with a brain, unlike Mouk.

Joker adorns BORN TO KILL on his combat helmet, while wearing a PEACE button on his flak jacket to express the DUALITY of man, a conflict of mind expressed in Jungian psychology. Total bullshit, for war is the oppressed sacrificed by the ruling elite. Mouk exposes the contradiction of a court of equity to protect infants, uphold rights, conduct itself humanely, contrasted to the willful infliction of emotional and financial harm by a monster in black. In Vietnam, an Army of drafted kids, fed up with their master’s ideology, mutinied in the field, refusing all orders to engage in pointless conflict, insane officers were fragged in their foxholes. Mouk plays his elite ideology in disbarring a mother’s attorney for zealous advocacy while upholding the carnage of ‘best interests’ against Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer in the Ambrose case. Mouk criticizes GAL Kim Duell in the Templeton case for a $20k bill, but is silent on Jocelyn Hurwitz’s $200k for professional legal services representing ‘best interests’ resulting in 655 days of isolation of children from mother. Indiscriminant machine gun spray of children in a rice paddy? Hit some, miss some, care about none, goy childhood does not matter to the jew? Money being the sole purpose of jewdicial discretion? Of course, the rabbinical court of Connecticut is just what SGT Joker highlights, the black robe of American justice concealing the talmudic ideology of the jew in destruction of the Christian concept of family. Nothing to to with Jung. More like racketeering, fraud, deprivation of rights, criminal conduct; jewish ideology.

Time for nutmeg peasants to revolt against Mouk and his fellow judges for slaughtering childhoods. Legislative redress being barred by the jew controlled Judiciary Committee. Mouk has struck down the First Amendment, silenced mothers, children, while attempting to censor public criticism of his rabbinical court, forcing the sovereign to resort to muzzle flashes of the Second Amendment. The time has come to recognize the judicial branch as domestic terrorism by elite chosen ruling class, destroying society one family at a time. Protecting children is a societal duty, demise of tryants irrelevant.

Blog readers will not shed a tear when headless black robed-floaters drift in the Connecticut River, when robes flap in the wind, bodies quiver, where jewdicial discretion is checked in the noose from a Charter Oak branch, when two panes of glass shatter at the arrival of a .308 freedom seed from the grassy knoll, when tyranny cowers from a sovereign people bearing arms to well regulate the protection of children. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it.

Let freedom ring!

Moukawsher sprays the children in his Jungian subconscious.
Get off the bench, MAGGOT!