Judge Thomas Moukawsher is wrestling with the Dark Lord’s request to rule on his disqualification in the Ambrose drama. He spent the entire hearing today searching for items in the court record which show that Adelman’s impartiality is reasonably questioned. Moukawsher even asked for examples of other cases in which Adelman’s conduct shows a jewish pattern of abuse, especially against women and children. The now-famous Blog delivers.

Adelman is such a monster that his orders in the Tittle case shocked the Chief of Family Court, Judge Lynda Munro to the point she stated on the record that Adelman’s orders are DRACONIAN. For the non-classical reader, Draco was an ancient lawgiver of Athens, who established a cruel code of law with liberal use of death sentences for trivial matters. Draco was a jerk. Draco and Adelman share a common mental defect. Draco executes petty thieves, Adelman takes kids away from mothers.

Adelman’s mental defect is clearly seen nine years ago, in his order, against the mother of 10 year old Wyatt and 12 year old Gabby, which stated:

Failure to comply will result in all parental access by the mother to be terminated.

Adelman, J. 28 August 2012, UWY-FA10-4022992

Satan is proud of Adelman’s jewish ideology that suspends the Constitution, violates the Eighth Amendment, and employs children as weapons of punishment against their own mothers to the delight of a judge whose impartiality is reasonably questioned in violation of Canon. Connecticut statutes do not support Draconian Law, a point exposed by Judge Lynda Munro in a hearing a week later on 4 September 2012, where she stated from the bench, on the record, that Adelman’s order was DRACONIAN, meaning cruel and severe.

Moukawsher wants to see a pattern of Adelman’s evil wrath upon mother’s, the record is replete with destroyed families. Judge Munro left it on the record for all to see. In the Tittle case, the kids never hugged mom again. Wyatt and Gabby are now both college students at Texas A&M, but have been completely isolated by a rich vindictive father who paid cash for sole custody, no maternal visitation, delivered to him by the jewish court. Christopher Ambrose funds the same game with Attorney Nancy Aldrich before Adelman. The children are in real danger.

Judge Moukawsher incites eminent lawless action if he fails to disqualify Adelman for the harm inflicted on Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. The embarrassment to a sovereign people being a judicial disgrace. A parental militia, bearing arms will march in protection of children and in defense of the Constitution to burn Connecticut Family Court to the ground and purge all evil shrouded in black robes. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people, will not tolerate Moukawsher’s affirmation of Adelman’s gross misconduct of intentional harm to mothers and children.

Spontaneous court combustion, if Adelmonster is not disqualified.