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A Dream

I have a dream that Jewette Katz has a heart attack! A stroke! An overdose of fentanayl! A run in with a state snow plow! A fall into a woodchipper! On this fabricated day of race baiting in celebration of communist ideology that supports a black puppet from Atlanta having a fake name related to a 16th century monk with an attitude, the now-famous Blog spotlights the rape of childhood by jewish ideology in the Connecticut family courts. The barbaric contrast between slave owners and jew family court judges is that the white slave owners cared more about the children of slaves than the jews of family court care about children in ‘family’ court. Cruelty of the nutmeg jew judges far exceeds any perceived misconduct of slave owners.

Jewette’s incoherent ranting in the CT Law Tribune is manifestation of an untreated mental illness which inflates her sense of importance. She suffers from a psychotic delusion that parents in the land of the free and the home of the brave give a shit about her demented opinions. The world would be a better place if Jewette had never lived.

Jewette was hatched to a pair of kikes, Harry and Sayre, in Brooklyn in early 1953. Graduated from the yeshiva of Brandeis, then obtained a worthless law degree from UCONN in ’77. A quick stint at Winnick Welsh in Shelton proved she was not lawyer material. She found a free state paycheck being a pathetic public defender, which she sucked at from ’78-89. PD’s are incompetent attorneys paid by the state to defend criminals who the state is trying to convict; Perry Mason need not apply. Put on the Superior Court in ’89 by Gov. O’Neill, then magically elevated to the Supreme Court in ’92 by jew Gov Weicker; propelled by the shadowy influence of jewish money laundered thru hubby Phillip Rubin. Like the sovereign goy were in desperate need of an inexperienced jewish retard on the high court? Certainly not a merit selection. Jewette did nothing to improve the world from her perch on the bench of the seven dwarfs. She is a deviant infiltrator promoting anti-Christian agendas against the will of a benevolent legislature. She stepped down from her perch in 2011 at the request of gay paedo boy Gov Dannel Malloy to fix the totally fucked up Department of Children and Families, which has been under the supervision of a federal court for being totally fucked up, misusing federal funds and being a general danger to children. Jewette’s expertise in being jewish and full of shit was supposed to fix everything to get the feds off Connecticut’s back, but Jewette failed miserably at the task, driving DCF further into the ground, which the federal court noted in response to her demand to be released from federal supervision. Jewette is a walking fuck up, who promptly resigned as commissioner when Gov. Ned Lamont’s team showed up, a good thing!! Lamont wanted nothing to do with her shit, so she quit instead of being fired. Six years of Katz made DCF even worse … what a jew!!

In 2018, Jewette joined the oily firm of ShipmanGoodwin, where her untreated psychotic mental condition continues to manifest aberrations of an important person when she looks in the mirror.

Jewette’s damage to an enlightened society while on the high bench is rooted in talmudic edicts, treating goy like four legged animals. Same sex marriage, queer rights, tranny shit, dicks on the girls’ team, gender confusion, protection of paedophiles, the complete spectrum of the jewish agenda, all while usurping the power of the people thru jewdicial legislation.

Her support of fellow jew Judge David Borden conferred ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY upon the family court rapists known as guardian ad litems, in Carrubba v Moskowitz, where jew GAL Emily Moskowitz destroyed father Paul Carrubba, for shekels, in an administrative no-fault divorce proceeding. Jews and fags of the high court had to construct preventions against disgruntled goy parents from attacking the jewish foot soldiers who fuck over families for $$. The control of immunity has been vested in the legislature of the sovereign people since the founding, hijacked by jewdicial misconduct in 2005 to protect the jewish scam of family court where jewish lawyers clean out family savings in the best interest of jews. Katz is a kike ringer, inserted where jews do not belong to destroy the enlightened society from within. A .50 cal would not be a bad thing.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all blessed shall see it together, the day the jews are eradicated from the earth and the children live in peace and protection.

If America be a great nation, free at last, this must become true … Amen.

Jewette is evil that makes the flesh crawl and the conscience clatter. A danger to society, a true threat to children. An archangel has a .50 cal with her name on it. Let freedom ring!