David J. Smith: Traitor

Time to take another look at the anti-American David J. Smith of New London’s prosecutor’s office in gulag Connecticut.  This miscreant of a human demonstrates his disdain for the American Constitution in his persecution of a fellow citizen for exercising the right of free speech.  David J. Smith is persecuting free speech because he is a jewish tool acting out a nazi agenda of the state gestapo who must silence critics of the ruling jewidicial monarchy.

Clown boy Smith slept through law school at William&Mary; the same school where Thomas Jefferson studied under George Wythe back in 1762. Smith learned nothing while in Virginia, he slithered to the cesspool of Connecticut to urinate on American Patriots by working for the terrorists of the State’s Attorney;  a genuine ISIS sleeper cell.  Smith is leveling felony charges at a patriot for quoting Thomas Jefferson.

The cowardly conduct of Smith reveals in his inability to face off with the Great Grey Ponytail Norm Pattis in a simple hearing about the First Amendment.  Smith conspired to arrest Edward Taupier in August for facebook commentary made in January.  Dyke on the Byke Elizabeth Bozzuto, the miscreant head of family court was offended, hurt by words, emotionally harmed by criticism from the peasantry.  Pedo Colonel Alaric Fox was called to action to arrange for the arrest of the critic for use of free speech; gulag rules prohibit criticizing the self chosen monarchs.  Smith the fool, plays along to the orders from above; wiping his ass with the Constitution.  But the little pussy cannot muster the courage to face Norm Pattis in a courtroom duel of Constitution vs. Tyranny.  The argument is simple, citizens can use free speech, read brief here.  Read the trumped up arrest warrant here.

Smith is so busy sucking the infected cock of the jewdicial monarchy that each time Norm Pattis is at bar ready to bitch slap Smith’s dripping pussy with the First Amendment, the state begs for a continuance, which sodomite Judge Ernest Green grants instantly.  First it was September, then October, then November, then December, now pushed off to January….all the time the free speaker is held in jail by the gestapo.

The pussies of the state prosecutor’s office under head cunt Kevin Kane are domestic enemies of the Constitution, using state and federal money to undermine the First Amendment; act as terrorists and deserve all the misfortunes that karma holds for them.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.  Only the Second Amendment will protect a free people from the terror of Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, Elliot Solomon and foot soldiers of terror, Colonel Alaric Fox, SA Kevin Kane, David Smith and of course the nigger homo anti American terrorist Judge Ernest Green, sodomite miscreant who gets off fucking over the Constitution and all its pesky Amendments.

Criminalizing criticism of public officials is a Jewish game.  Voltaire noted that your masters are those whom you cannot criticize, he also held no love for the Jew.

The monsters of Connecticut are inciting imminent lawless action, too afraid to address the Grey Ponytail’s brief, willfully suppressing rights, denying access to the court, these players are begging for violence, begging for the retort of the Second Amendment to protect the First, volunteering to be the natural manure to refresh the tree of liberty.  Absent access to the court, swift violence is the requisite alternative.

Bow our heads and pray to God for dry powder of the Second Amendment to uphold the liberty secured by the founding fathers against tyranny of the State of Connecticut against free speech.  Let the First be first.  Amen.

Fuck David J. Smith, karma is coming for him along with an Army of Patriots.  Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis….Thus always I bring death to tyrants!



The natural manure.

The Giant Grey Ponytail

Ernest Green, Jr. jewdicial terrorist, sodomite, enemy of the people. Queer as fuck.

Dyke on the byke, nominee for liberty tree manure.

America’s first law professor. George Wythe, William&Mary 1762

Chief State Pedo Protector Alaric Fox.  Traitor, muzzles free speech by order of jewish overlords.