Bozzo is at it again

Recently, our fine feathered idiot head of Family Court Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto took to the air to mislead the public on her court ‘improvements’.  Joseph Wenzel, the WFSB3 senior editor had no clue the public is being fleeced again.

Bozzuto’s court has one goal, money.  If you don’t have money, then the court does not give a shit about you.  Just ask Baby Aaden who went off the Middletown Bridge courtesy of Judge Pinkus.  No money, no court time, have a nice swim.  Bozzuto misleads the public by stating that she has created ‘improvements’ in the court system, when in reality she has just created filters to get couples with no kids off the court docket as quickly as possible without use of valuable court time.  No lawyer makes any money on a family matter that does not involve a kid, little boys preferred.  The whole game is make money by trafficking kids.  Study them, evaluate them, therapize them, isolate them, medicate them, argue over them, lie about them, hire vendors, plunder the family savings…..that is Bozzuto’s game.  That is the game of the pedo ring, which controls family court and the Bozzo herself.  Either sexually deviant or jewish or both, that is what is under the black robes of family court and the deviants love to love the little children.

So take a look at the dyke feeding the public another line of bullshit.  She is simply stating that the court has now eliminated 70% of the cases, the ones without money.  The remaining 30% is the sole focus of the family court and their predator legal scoundrels.  Note that if you have kids, Bozzuto and the pedos will drag you into court, they will get your money, they will traffick your kids, that is the jewish game of family court.

See the lying dyke at the link WSFB Bozzuto

Dyke on the byke reveals her true deviant colors.  Do everything possible to rape the kids and the family savings accounts to enrich fellow deviants for trafficking kids for the pleasure of Connecticut Pedo Utopia.  It takes more than a village to traffick children, it takes the judiciary and cops and lawyers and the governor.

Dyke on the byke family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker.