True Threat?

What is a true threat? What is free speech? What is a rant? What is criminal speech? What is reckless speech? In Connecticut, criminal speech is speech that the judges don’t like. Talk about dead judges in a ditch in Connecticut, go to jail. Talk about dead judges in a ditch in Kansas, have a nice day, just another form of free expression. Such un-equal treatment of the same speech under the same Constitution is a troubling disparity in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The Great Grey Ponytail of New Haven, the Giant of the Profession, the last of the slash and burn trial lawyers, Norm Pattis has filed cert to the U.S. Supreme Court to resolve the dilemma of geographically controlled speech. Read Norm’s filing here. A fifth grader can understand that nigger boy Chief Judge Richard Robinson ain’t welcome in Kansas for his twisted differentiation by subjective opinion to criminalize ‘reckless’ speech where the speaker does not care for the sensitivity of a little dyke bitch like Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto. The high court of Connecticut, staffed by the most intellectually deficient clowns of juris prudence recently ruled that calling a nigger a nigger is criminal speech. ‘Spics, kikes, Japs, and Wops got left out in the critical race theory cold.

Simple expressions of disgust by peasants over jewdicial conduct in Connecticut are criminalized by jewdicial discretion and pursued by the flying monkeys of the State Police. The goy are not permitted to criticize their masters. Wishing the flees of a thousand camels to the left arm-pit of Judge Bozzuto will result in the SWAT team shooting your dog and arresting you on a warrant signed by another member of the nutmeg judge club in fear for what is free speech in Kansas. Connecticut is that special place where nuclear weapons would actually do some good. The fault in Connecticut’s thinking is failing to understand that if the Oathkeepers wanted Bozzuto and her band of family court pedophile child abusers dead, they would be dead already, true patriots need no reason to make a ‘threat’ implied or actual against traitors to the Constitution. Oathkeepers know when deadly force is authorized and when it is not. The clowns of Connecticut want to muzzle critics by jailing them for criticism. Such terrible critical speech being the fruit of Bozzuto’s own miserable judicial conduct. Defense of the Constitution from domestic enemies like Bozzuto can be accomplished thru protected speech and political action, that is why she is off the bench, unable to abuse another child with her dykish discretion; didn’t have to shoot her or send camel flees. But, if the State Gestapo is going to muzzle public criticism, then death comes unto tyrants, without warning, not even a foot to the throat. The full jacketed freedom seed in .308 calibre will not be proceeded by a threat or even a warning shot. Just the patriotic action of a free people refreshing the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants, just as Thomas Jefferson specified; talking about it is not a crime.

Let’s examine some Connecticut specific criminal speech:

Burn a courthouse full of corrupt judges to the ground, kill the demon court clerks who traffic children, start killing judges until the dockets improve, bring body bags, advocate violence against corrupt state employees, do not send them Christmas cards or even wish them ‘Happy Holidays’. Oi vey, the jews are so scared when the goy talk ill of them. But the State Police retards do not understand that the courts are the alternative to violence. When the family court abuses children solely on the discretion of a filthy, queer, miscreant like Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, where the Appellate Court approves such abuse, where the Chief Justice protects the evils of Family Court, where the legislature puts evil jew judges on the bench, the only protection for children is violence by a caring sovereign people. It is not Ted Taupier who needs to be jailed, it is nigger boy Robinson, along with jew boy Elliot Solomon. Jew Judge Heller destroyed the Dulos family, but the legislature put her kike ass back on the bench, so she can do it all over again. Powder dry? Barrel clean? Sights adjusted? Let freedom ring! These judges hate hearing family cases anyway, Adelman said so! There is a reason for the Second Amendment, it protects the First, it protects children.

Reality of the Connecticut shit show is that the government of the people, for the people, by the people does not give a shit about the peasants or the children. The government itself incites imminent lawless action by its own misconduct. It is now the duty of the sovereign people to replace such government, which history has proven requires powder, shot, and the steady aim of a patriot. Time to stop pretending, time to call out the judiciary and the jews that run it. Fucking assholes can’t recognize their own tyranny. Live free or die!

If Bozzuto conducts herself as a terrorist then let freedom ring!
The queer miscreant dyke on the byke has no place in a civilized society and is a danger to children. Jefferson says the Tree of Liberty needs fertilizer.
What would a patriot do to purge the land of domestic enemies of the Constitution, why does Bozzuto give cause?
The Connecticut Judiciary begs its own destruction.
Baby Aaden, wishing Jew Judge Pinkus had gotten a .50 cal to the head. Another victim of jews of family court.