True Threat

The cesspool of Corrupticut has gained the national spotlight once again. Donna Anischik Grossman was sitting in the audience next to Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto at Monday’s public hearing before the Judiciary Committee, where she texted the following to her daughter: “If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA”. See NRA fb post and comments here. Watch Grossman’s removal here.

In Connecticut the high court has ruled that this is not protected speech. State case law of the Supreme Court, written by Chief Justice Robinson clearly states the standard of a “reasonable person would interpret the purported threat as a serious expression of an intent to cause a present or future harm.” See State v Taupier at 16. Clearly Ms. Grossman stated that if she had a gun, now or in the future, she would “blow away Sampson”. State Senator Robert Sampson represents the 16th Senate District of Connecticut, Southington, Chesire, Prospect, Waterbury and Wolcott. He lives in Wolcott with his wife and family. Sampson is clearly the target of Grossman’s ‘true threat’ under Connecticut law, threatening in the first degree, § 53a-61aa (a). So why was she not arrested?

If one writes a private email to friends wishing bad things happen to Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, like death rays from the space station, F35 smart bombs, rant about assholes and devils in Family Court, espouse commentary on rights, and the like, it is deemed criminal conduct and the offender will serve jail time. Don’t argue, that is the standard of speech in Connecticut. Private communications containing nasty criticism, death threats or just unpleasant commentary of public figures, provided to the police by third parties, not shared with the ‘victim’ is a clearly established crime in the State. So why hasn’t Grossman been arrested for threatening Senator Sampson?

Republican State Senator Robert Sampson, an NRA member, targeted for assassination.

Which now brings up the question of equal protection in the cesspool of Corrupticut Criminal Justice. Superior Court Judges Gold and Greene, along with State Supreme Court Judges Palmer, McDonald, Robinson, D’Auria, Mullins, Kahn and Vertefeuille all uphold this standard. So why has Ms. Grossman not been arrested? The facts are identical to the case in State v Taupier. ‘Rough equivalent‘ or ‘true threat’, call it whatever, but the standard of criminal speech in the cesspool applies to private communications of which the police become aware. Please note that texting “If I had a gun, I’d blow away Judge Bozzuto and a large group of family court judges”, would result in your arrest by Connecticut SWAT Team. Sampson and the NRA don’t count. Grab the popcorn!!

Got your popcorn?? Well the State Capitol Police, that army of gun toting foot soldiers to protect elected representatives from scary words has determined that targeting Sen. Sampson for assassination is not threatening behavior, but Free Speech!!! So says Capitol Police Sgt. Jeffrey Barter. See how the game is played in the cesspool? Wonder how these clowns uphold an oath. Perhaps Chief of the Capitol Speech Police Walter Lee, Jr. can explain why no charges were made and by whose direction. The humorous duty of these goons states “It is the mission of the State Capitol Police Department to support the Connecticut General Assembly by creating a safe and secure environment in which to conduct the legislative process. We carry out this role in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all persons.” Chief Lee the goon fails to respect the rights of Senator Sampson, the person targeted for assassination by Ms. Grossman. Typical thin blue line thug of the state gestapo!!!

The reality is that the anti-civil rights, anti-gun culture of Connecticut democrats will protect anyone who threatens a pro-rights, pro-gun official. Simple. Threaten the evil NRA, State Police have your back! Connecticut law enforcement is simple tyranny; they only punish who they don’t like. And they don’t like the NRA, so Ollie North and his boys at Headquarters on Waples Mill Road in Fairfax, Virginia better watch the parking lot for cars with Connecticut plates.

Read further article here. The elastic rules of corrupt Connecticut cops and prosecutors is pretty evident. The ruling elite does not like you, it is off to jail. But if you are a dyke friend of Judge Bozzuto, you can threaten anyone you like. Smells Jewish.

Judge Bozzuto was a true threat victim of private correspondence
Republican NRA Member, Sampson is ok to threaten per Connecticut Law Enforcement
Donna M. Grossman, 64 year old, lives in Windsor, CT. Registered Republican of jewish faith, worked for Hamilton Sunstrand as an engineering manager.
Capitol Police Chief Walter Lee, Jr. condones the targeted assassination of a State Senator, claims that threats to ‘blow away’ Sen. Sampson is just free speech.
If you have a woodchipper, remember to insert family court judges feet first.