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FBI’s Lisa Tutty

With all the real crime in the country, our bird brained dyke friend Lisa Tutty(Kline) has time to play high school girl’s bathroom games with federal resources.  A ‘special’ type of agent whose twenty six years of training and experience act as a cover for the LGBTQI jewish agenda manipulating the criminal justice system for dykish goals.

The cast of players is definitely female, but not the type female that red blooded American males seek.  Start with the renowned dyke Elizabeth Bozzuto, the queen clown of the state family court and member of the richest republican family in Connecticut.  She is so stupid as to be a jerk of a judge while maintaining a public facebook page under the pseudonym IZA ZUTO.  Then she cries butthurt when her public pictures are used in political sarcastic commentary of the worst judge in the history of the state.  In the land of the free and the home of the brave, this is called free speech.  As she is so privileged and above the law, it is criminal conduct for little people to use her public images.

To the rescue comes the macho overcompensating marshmallows of the state judicial marshal service under the leadership of pastry chef Brian Clemens along with meme phobic Robert Kirchner.  The state police under charge of pedo protector Alaric Fox and the fusion center, a.k.a Connecticut Intelligence Center, CTIC, also react to sooth Bozzuto’s butthurt.  But there is one big problem, no judge in the state gives a damn what anyone says about Bozzuto.  Warrants are written by state crybabies, but no judge will sign one.  Bozzuto is officially persona non grata in the judiciary.  Time to call the feds.

Childless FBI dyke Lisa Tutty Kline becomes the champion meme investigator, domestic enemy of the Constitution and the new federal speech gestapo.  Then comes the Honorable U.S. Dyke Magistrate Judge Joan G. Margolis, District Dyke Court of Connecticut who puts deviant solidarity over constitutional rights.  Supporting the charade is U.S. Attorney Dyke Deirdre Daly using her ass kissing underling AUSA Anastasia King to apply for warrants in search of free speech.  Got the picture, comrade?  Male nutmeg pussies, rebuked by their own state judges, go whining to the feds whose cadre of dyke women expend ridiculous resources hunting free speech, in retaliation for the hurt feelings of Judge Bozzuto.  Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Verizon all get hit with federal dyke sponsored searches for evidence of free speech.

The rest is simple.  Dyke Tutty Kline reaches out to dykes in FBI field office in Washington, D.C., gets hooked up with tranny AUSA Jon Fahey who gets his jewish rookie SAUSA Jennifer A. Singer to parade Tutty Kline before dyke sympathizer magistrate Judge Theresa C. Buchanan who unleashes armed FBI flying monkeys to steal computers used in exercise of freedom of expression, that may or may not have been used to make memes of a dyke judge in Connecticut.  All executed in a state whose motto is ‘sic semper tyrannis’, thus always unto tyrants.  Very interesting how no one with a real dick touched this matter.  Welcome to the non christian republic of sexual deviancy.  A class of miscreants so fragile and so needy as to require the muscle of the federal government to attack their critics.  Just another item on the jewish agenda working to destroy the Union.

The courts cease to function under the Constitution.  The government exists to protect its own malfeasance.  Oaths mean nothing.  Tyranny abounds.  Payback is a bitch.

Dyke on the byke