Expose Dat!!  What do all corrupt public officials abhor?  What do cockroaches run from?  A little exposure and light is all it takes.  A tweet here, a blog there, here an email, there a meme, then comes the federal indictment, prosecution and jail.  Corrupt state governments are in the professional racket of protecting their crooked players and protecting themselves from any EXPOSURE.  More you tweet, the more they fight to silence criticism.  Not the American way, the jewish way.  Christians and patriots love free speech.  Jews, not so much.  Have a healthy dose of political attitude, the chosen ones will hunt you down.  A badge, a gun, lack of education, no intellect and an attitude is all it takes to shred the Constitution, piss on soldiers’ graves, wipe fat ass with the stars and stripes and call it ‘law enforcement’.

Let’s compliment the Anderson’s of Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana.  A little free speech, political opinion, governmental criticism brought on a full blown SWAT raid by fat boy Sheriff Jerry Larpenter.  A search warrant signed by a jewdicial terrorist of the state bench authorized the seizure of all computers, laptops, cell phones, thumbdrives and they even took the router and cable modem.  All fruits of the crime of political commentary, twitter accounts and a facebook page.  Oh my, what crimes against humanity; even the use of a pseudonym…..sound familiar?

At least there is patriot’s blood in Judge Lance Africk of Louisiana Eastern District, U.S. Court.  The Sheriff and his gay boy deputies have been shut down by federal decision in Anderson v Larpenter; the swamp people get stuck with the legal bills and liability for deprivation of rights by dickless law enforcement who cannot stomach citizens who have brains and a voice.  In reality, the sheriff’s goons are not Americans, they swear their oaths to the jewish overlords, ignore the rule of law, but more frightening is that they hold no respect for their own countrymen.  The terrorists wear badges.

“The First Amendment bars government officials from ‘abridging the freedom of speech,’ including taking adverse governmental action against an individual in retaliation for the exercise of protected speech activities. ”

This is where revolution begins….and that is a true threat.

Unconstitutional fat boy