Close the courtroom!!

Scary words, free expression, public scrutiny, lions and tigers and bears … oh no!!! Pay attention to the man on the screen, not the man behind the curtain! Welcome to the matrix of Oz. Our enlightened society witnessed another example of how the racketeers of the Connecticut Bar Association conspire to defeat the First Amendment and the right of a sovereign people of scrutiny of matters in a public forum.

The now blog famous whore of Westport, Attorney Nancy Aldrich, pleaded before Judge Adelman to close the courtroom in the Ambrose case this morning, as her jew sibling Jocelyn Hurwitz is suffering from butthurt, after reading the post Adelman’s Money Game, where she is under court order to bag $25k for sitting in the gallery watching the trial for a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. Call a WHAMBULANCE!!! Attorney butthurt! There is free speech on the internet!!!!

Here is proof positive that Connecticut family court attorneys are running a racketeering operation, completely devoid of constitutional principles. Nancy Aldrich, dumb, fat, ugly, retarded sloth with a law license does not want the sovereign people of Connecticut to view a public trial in an open courtroom. She gets upset when the peasants of the state chat about what Adelman is doing on the bench. She finds it a betrayal to the mob that young clerks, aspiring to be rich lawyers, chat about the spectacle in Adelman’s star chamber. No free expression is allowed by anyone according to the Westport Whore. She charges $650/hr to obtain Christopher Amborse a ‘no-fault’ divorce, but this morning she opened with a complaint about the First Amendment and a motion to close the courtroom, lest the sovereign people really catch on to her game.

But wait, this is family court, which lacks jurisdiction to overturn the First Amendment. What is this frivolous, meritless pleading by the Westport Whore? Is it a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct? Let’s go down the list! Violation Rule 1.1, Competence: Aldrich is so stupid as to not realize the sovereign people have a 1A right to scrutiny matters in a public forum, like Superior Court. Violation Rule 3.1, Meritorious Claims, asking the judge to crush 1A because of a spectacle trial is a meritless pleading for which the court lacks authority to provide relief. Violation Rule 3.3, Candor, making up a false claim to the court because the internet exists is lack of honesty towards the tribunal. Violation Rule 4.4, Respect for Rights of Third Persons, attempting to deprive the public of right to scrutiny of matters in a public forum is not respect of anything. Violation Rule 8.4, Misconduct, it is misconduct to undermine the public confidence in the court system, make false pleadings, delay court proceedings, engage in dishonesty, deceit, fraud, misrepresentation, force a court to err, undermine the integrity of the court. Of course Nancy has never read the Rules, so she has no clue where the boundaries lie, not that she would ever care.

Judge Munro once stated: “Publicity is the price paid for litigation.” Someone should let the family Bar mafia know that they act upon a public stage and that the public is watching. Conduct to the contrary simply exposes the lecherous law guild for the liars, cheats, tramps, and thieves they really are. True colors are ugly.

Why would the Westport Whore need to close the courtroom from public view? What is she and Jocelyn Hurwitz up to? Child trafficking? Money laundering? What is so special about the homosexual, child loving Christopher Ambrose that the public cannot be entertained by his pedophile claims to isolate kids from mom? Afraid the little kid will complain that his butt hurts? That kid does not like people playing with his penis? What is so secret that the public cannot be entertained? Why can’t the public repeat orders for a $25k payday to the GAL? Does everyone have to pay a GAL $400/hr or just those folks who have sinister intent for little boy ass? If all is equal, why so much money for a simple divorce where the court works so hard to isolate the kids from mom? Does the court do this to all families or just the ones where dad is a pedophile?

Needless to say, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, a blog star in his own right, refused to close the courtroom, noting that the blog has been around for several years, and all the judges and clerks are avid readers. Here is a blog shout out to the employees of the Connecticut Judiciary who read the blog on the taxpayers’ dime!!!! Thanks for the years of loyalty and the story tips … keep ’em coming!!!

The man behind the curtain does not want you to know what goes on in the public forum of family court!!
Wicked Witch wants to close the courtroom, my pretties!!!!