Jewish Contempt!

What better way to undermine the Bill of Rights than for a jewish lawyer to plead to a jewish judge a claim of ‘contempt’ against a mother who exercises First and Fourth Amendment protections. The jews of Connecticut Family Court are so sloppy these days, they don’t even try to hide the Talmudic antics in the Rabbinical Court formerly known as the Superior Court. Oi vey, these kikes are so obvious, they beg to be blog stars!

Today is the sixth day of the pointless ‘trial’ in Christopher Ambrose’s protracted and expensive quest to obtain a ‘no fault’ divorce, for which he applied in July 2019. He has been at this for 90 weeks!!! But today Judge Adelman granted a continuance for the drama, as even the court can’t stomach the pedophile’s legal abuse, which gives the public time to focus on Attorney Aldrich’s latest antics of filing a motion for CONTEMPT, claiming that free speech and due process protections are in violation of court orders!!! Can’t make this shit up!

Note that in true jewish form, to up the billable hours for the two jewish lawyers, jew Judge Adelman added three more days of trial, so there are now nine more days of plundering the remaining assets of the Ambrose family. Ups the jewdicial kickback under the bench as well. The true goal of family court … steal all the money, nothing else matters. It is just jewish!!! Litigation goes on until all the bank accounts are empty.

Nancy Aldrich, the $650/hr attorney for the deviantly homosexual, pedophile, child abusing father, claims that mother is in violation of court orders for failing to surrender her computer, absent a search warrant and for allegedly disclosing the incompetent work product of the child trafficking nut job, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D. The motion for contempt prepared by the fat retarded whore of Westport does not even begin to conform to the rules of practice, not that the sloth could even open the practice book to the correct section. Nancy simply alleges that mother is in contempt with no specifics, nor does Nancy even recite the court order allegedly violated. There is little entertainment value in Nancy’s pathetic conduct before the bench, but since she and jewboy Adelman are both chosen ones, the rule of jew applies.

Nancy, the jew whore, complains that mother did not allow seizure of her personal property under the jewish guise of ‘discovery’. Nancy ignores the fact that family court cannot issue search and seizure warrants on capricious demand by father’s counsel. Oooops….no due process there, but she still bills $650/hr to be a fat, miserable, stupid cunt with a law license. Then Nancy goes on to whine about the public scrutiny of ‘evidence’ presented in a court of law. So sad that the pedophile work product of Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD is in the public domain. Newsflash: three other reports of Caverly are also in the public domain and the public is not happy with Caverly’s conduct as an accessory to child trafficking under a state license. The most twisted jewish claim by Nancy is that criticism of fellow jew pedophile Dr. Caverly is now witness tampering, harassment, and intimidation. Nancy claims it is now criminal conduct to call out the quackster Jessica Caverly for being a quack. Oi vey, the jews really work to protect the jews.

The public has every right to attack the state licensed psychologist with vim and vigor, even tar and feathers for her abuse of a professional license, fraud upon a court, injury to minors and demonic acts against society. The public has every right to put up billboards in New Milford proclaiming Jessica Caverly is a danger to children. The people of Connecticut have every right to run such a child predator out of the state, it is what an enlightened society does. First Amendment provides ‘We the people’ with the right to criticize, ridicule, attack, cuss, and express cultural displeasure with Jessica Caverly and her brand of child abuse, where she treats parent-child bonds like four legged animals in her kosher barnyard, devoid of any religious or constitutional context. Treat her as a terrorist, a domestic enemy of the Constitution, treat her as a child trafficker, treat her as the anti-christ; it does not matter, all is protected under the First Amendment. If she does not like it, then the now famous blog suggests that the good Dr. Caverly stay out of the courtroom. Even if her jew overlord closes the courtroom, so that her ‘expert’ testimony can be heard in secrecy, the resulting lawsuit will expose such secret expert testimony as evidence in a federal First Amendment case and in the state malpractice suit against her. Doubt Caverly has enough insurance coverage to deal with her misconduct, which will be a fitting end for her miserable existence as a licensed psychologist in Connecticut. Perhaps taking $12,000 to write a report in support of a pedophile is not worth the expense of the legal fees she will expend in defending her so called professional license.

More drama to come. Stay tuned, stay informed, in Connecticut the jews ensure that screams of children cannot be heard.

Dumbfuck jew, child predator Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, lacking enough insurance to defend her child abuse against an enlightened society.
Jew Judge Adelman adjusts the scales of justice in his rabbinical court.
Jew child predators of the Connecticut Family Court. Goy children are in danger!