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The blog has been gagged!

Well, not really. But the jewish pedophile excuse of a judge, the Dark Lord himself, the wasting, soon to be dead, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, has proudly embarrassed the sovereign people of Connecticut by attempting an end run around the First Amendment to gag d’blog while he continues the rape of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. Oi vey, put a black robe on a jew and watch the Bill of Rights go up in flames.

The now-famous blog herein, forthwiths documents its willful violation of fuckhead’s gag order. First, blog contributors just drove past the house of horrors at 381 Horse Pond Rd in Madison, the location of the child abuse at the hand of pedo-homo-Christopher Ambrose and his victims Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, then another blog contributor was at the children’s school this morning, just because Adelman said third parties cannot.

Public flailing of jewish psychobabble quacksters is a blog delicacy. Adelman attempts to protect his synagogue pals from public scrutiny. Blog stars Dr. Jessica Caverly, Dr. Deborah Gruen, Dr. Paul El-Fishway, Dr. William Horn, and Dr. Robert Horowitz are not to be threatened, harassed, or intimidated. Of course the court of public opinion knows these court whores to be child predators, wishes the fleas of a thousand camels to armpits, finds that public warnings of pedo affiliations are in best interest of children, and notes that free expression regarding predators is protected under 1A, which is the price paid by jew pedos living in the land of the free and the home of brave goy. Hate speech is free speech and goy hate predators. Horse thieves and child predators can swing together.

Judge Adelman holds concern for miscreants like Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz and Attorney Jennifer Celentano who are court appointed guardians for the victims of Christopher Ambrose. Two stinking cunts who are paid to traffic children, for whom a sovereign people hold cause to make fish food for crustaceans at the bottom of the Sound. The GAL is now the keeper of the children’s privacy, a rouse against an interested public to hide court sponsored abuse. Public scrutiny of jewidical misconduct does not turn on the permission of a jew with a law license. Written permission and consent of jew Hurwitz? Since when do Americans beg for permission to exercise God given rights?

Adelman hoists with his own petard in applying his gag order on members of the professional media, social media, and bloggers. Time to haul Adelman off the bench, apply tar and feathers, label a domestic enemy of the Constitution, a terrorist, a threat to children, a danger to society, season with Old Bay, feed to cannibals with kosher tastes. Blog editors say ‘fuck you’!

The blog’s expert legal department notes that under Connecticut Practice Book ยง1-22(a), a judge must recuse himself if his impartiality can be reasonably questioned. In this case, Adelman has demonstrated his inability to be a judge; he acts as a tyrant, undermining the First Amendment. Under the court’s own rules, Adelman has disqualified himself … a good thing. Can’t protect 1A, can’t protect children, the predator has sealed his fate.

Editor’s Note: The blog has willfully violated the jewdicial gag order. There is nothing that the jew in the black robe can do about it. The realm of his power to muzzle the goy lies only within his demented brain. The blog wishes Adelman a slow, miserable, and painful death from ALS … God’s blessing on such a monster.

Adelman, time to go.
Judge Adelman prefers that the public not raid this man’s house, drag him behind the wood pile to beat the shit out of him for child abuse. Adelman wants to fuck in the Barbershop with his buddy, how jew pedos roll.
Try a little free speech!