No Scrutiny Allowed!

Sua sponte, the public right to scrutiny, in its own courts is thwarted by jewish rule of Judge Adelman! The goy are not allowed to observe the jewish pedo scam of child snatching. The family court trickery of citing jew psychobabble as ‘evidence’ in a divorce proceeding is hidden from public view by the Dark Lord himself, the dishonorable, unconstitutional, child molesting, disease ridden, moron in black, the blog famous Judge Gerard I. Adelman of Connecticut.

Last Wednesday, Judge Adelman presided in his secret ‘star chamber‘ to hear the testimony of quackster Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD. The courtroom was closed to the public, as the secret testimony could not be shared with goyim, because Adelman sez it is secret!! Adelman deals the ‘privacy’ card off the bottom of the jewdicial deck. He claims that ‘evidence’ used by the court in exercise of sovereign parens patriae powers shall be hidden from public view because the court appointed forensic investigator holds medical and mental health information, which must be protected from disclosure by statute. The moron in black does not cite a statute, he just claims there is one, but the over-educated blog research department could not find any statute that requires closure of the courtroom to protect a privacy interest. Ya think, if there was a ‘statute’ like the jew claims, it would be specifically called out in the practice book? The practice book holds a presumption of open courts in family matters; PB 25-59. There is no case law nor statute which supports Adelfuckers claim to statutorily privileged information. The fucker just lies thru his crooked teeth. Here is his bullshit order: The court’s sua sponta action is based on the fact that the report and testimony of the court appointed evaluator regarding and including medical and mental health history and evaluation. Such material is privileged under statute and closing the courtroom to the general public is required to protect such private information.

Let’s break that bullshit down. First there is word salad about the opinion of the court whore appointed to make an unfounded ‘custody evaluation‘. The public knows this opinion to be simple jewery, so what is the big deal? Why can’t the public observe the sworn quackery? Next, our jew boy claims ‘material’ holds a statutory privilege, the allusive statute that the legislature never enacted, never published, and for which Adelnut cannot cite by chapter or verse. Finally the great legal conclusion that statutory protection of this ‘private’ information requires exclusion of the public. Does he really think that the goyim could not see thru his jewish bullshit? The enlightened blog reader will note that the bullshit report Adeljerk seeks to hide from the public can be found here. Just try and follow the twisted jew logic which requires the court to appoint the psychobabblist to provide evidence on which the court will decide custody, but will not allow the public to view. Totally jewish game, played on the goy, with absolutely no government interest.

The legal contradiction is the judicial authority hears so-called ‘evidence’, in exercising the parens patriae power of the sovereign people, but the ugly jew sez the sovereign people cannot observe. Very jewish. The jews simply do not recognize the goy as sovereign people, holding sovereign powers, they simply ignore all rights of a free and sovereign people. The jews are jews, they do what they want, even if they preside in court, sworn to uphold the law, held in check by statutes passed by the goy legislature. Does not matter to a jew like Adelschlick. He is the ruling jew, in his jew courtroom, wielding jewish power over the goy. In legal speak, closing the courtroom to create secret evidence is unconstitutional, creating a domestic terrorist worthy of a .50 cal to the head.

SCOTUS has opined that public scrutiny of trials is a fundamental safeguard against abuse of power in the people’s courts, a First Amendment right. The public right of access to civil and criminal trials pre-dates the Founding, even the King allowed it, but the King was not a jew. Adelprick abuses power by concealing the ‘opinion’ of Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, PhD and her fabricated ‘custody evaluation’. Now Caverly faces a malpractice suit where the secret testimony becomes evidence in a civil tort. Looks like Adeljew’s game backfired on him. The public has no tolerance for a jew in a black robe who creates secret evidence. Jews are mere pains to a free people and their liberties.

Imagine a world without jews.
A jew worthy of a .50 cal to the head.