Hang a noose and watch the cops go nuts!!! Spray paint a Tibetan good luck symbol and the thin blue line hyper-ventilates, but hunt down conservative white folk for being white and the jews applaud. Oh the fun of performance art!! The constitutionally confused Police Chief in Windsor Connecticut is taking sedatives to overcome his overreaction to a ‘noose’ found hanging from a rafter in a new warehouse. The more technical term is that there is a bit of dangling string, which can be interpreted to be a noose, which is further interpreted by the NAACP and other Marxist race baiters to be a racist symbol against niggers implying ‘lynching’, which is simply mob rule in administration of justice.

But a lynching is not reserved for black folk. Back in 1915, a jew pedophile named Leo Frank was taken from his jail cell by upstanding Christian citizens of Georgia, hanged from a tree by a rope fashioned with a noose, for his heinous crime of rape and murder of Mary Phagan. Lynchings ain’t just for niggers.

The dodo birds of law enforcement stumble to espouse gibberish. First is Windsor Police Captain Andrew Power’s race baiting public announcement against the First Amendment: “We stand united in condemning these acts that are hateful and intolerant, nooses are hateful and are intended to inflict emotional pain to persons of color.” Did you get that? Dumb cop puts a reservation on noose expressions solely to people of color, how racist can this cracker with a badge be? Then there is the nutjob of the local FBI, Special Agent David Sundberg who decrees: “The implications of a hanging noose anywhere are unacceptable!” Just who are these two clowns to provide unqualified interpretations of a string with a knot in it? Always a ‘noose’, what about a string with a bow in it? The interpretations by law enforcement is just Marxist ideology flexing its thin blue muscle to escalate a race war. Next these crackers will claim that burning a cross is racist too!!

The now famous blog calls bullshit. Hang a ‘noose’ outside every family courtroom in Connecticut. Let it be interpreted as a symbol of patriotic expression of a sovereign people against child traffickers in black robes. A message that the Constitution will be defended against all enemies foreign and domestic. Could also tape a .50 cal bullet to the door, but with the price of ammo these days a rope fits the budget. Lynch pedophiles in black robes with a noose or deliver a .50 cal to the head … where is the outrage now?

Outrage….by whom?
Capt. Andrew Power, Windsor speech police and rope interpreter. Marxist tool in the new race war!
FBI bozo in charge New Haven Field Office, David Sundberg, responds to bit of rope by making a crisis of it … expertise in crisis response, jewish race baiter.
The jews and the donut whores of law enforcement decide for you …. good luck with the new hate, just jewery.
Do the jew speech police consider this a noose too??