It’s privacy you idiot!!! The new jewdicial standard of law in the personal star chamber of the Dark Lord of Connecticut family court is PRIVACY!! The general public must be excluded from a divorce proceeding because Judge Gerard I. Adelman has something to hide. Oi vey, the jews are masters of Orwellian double speak when it comes to protecting the chicanery of fellow jews engaged in ripping off the goy and trafficking their kids.

The nutjob in black has ruled that a custody evaluator cannot testify in open court, as she knows ‘privileged’ information about the parents and the kids, which holds some magical protection under law, barring the public from observing ‘due process’ in a public forum commonly called a court of law. In Adelman’s case, it is a kangaroo court, only open to the most elite kangaroos. Put another way, three attorneys, two parents, a judge, a court clerk or three, a court reporter, a court marshal and a fly on the wall can all listen to the testimony of the court appointed quackster, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD. But no one else. The privacy issue of the special testimony does not apply to anyone else but the ‘general public’ according to the Adelmonster’s twisted order. The blog famous Wasting Jew Judge claims “closing the courtroom to the general public is required to protect such private information.” B, bu, buh, buht, that is not what the practice book says … that set of rules made by the judges themselves and overseen by the legislature that controls how the cesspool of superior court is supposed to work … despite the yid on the bench.

The practice book has a rule in family matters that has been unchanged for the last 18 years. PB 25-59 states there is a PRESUMPTION that the trial is always open to the public. It is based on the First Amendment, but that is over jew boy’s head, he is one of those night school attorneys, who was put on the bench to provide little boy ass to the state pedophile ring, not to uphold the Constitution. The only reason that a proceeding be closed to the public is, if the jewdicial authority finds that there is a SUPER SPECIAL interest of someone or something that OVERRIDES the public interest in keeping an eye on a jew like Adelman while trafficking three little kids based on purchased pedo opinion provided by the guest of honor, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD. What overrides the First Amendment?

The pedophiles override the First Amendment. Adelman must cut mom out of the lives of the kids and he needs purchased words of Dr. Caverly’s testimony to cite in his character assassination of the mother. Why else has he upheld jew sister, Judge Grossman’s, year long isolation order. Why no hugs from mom, because the jews are stealing these kids for daddy’s personal pleasure and profit.

Adelman claims that the First Amendment must be suspended to protect the privacy of ‘evidence’ provided in testimony by a quackster of a jew, by his outright lie that there exists a statute requiring him to do so. Wow, what a stretch, even for a jew. That is a kikey yid claim based on a wild imagination, subject to a non-existent statute, requiring exclusion of the public, to protect an undefined privacy interest of no named person, supported by no case law. Got that … just a total lie. A jew talking down his nose to the goy, telling them that their Constitution does not apply in his star chamber and the doors will be shut and locked.

To the most unarmed Patriot, this appears to be tyranny, an effort to incite eminent lawless action, by concealing deviant child trafficking games from a very concerned sovereign people. So what does the tyrant beg? A .50 cal to the head? Death rays from the space station? F35 smart bombs? Or the simple sniper shot from the grassy knoll, thru two panes of glass?

The Tree of Liberty is thirsty!

Patriots have duty to spill the blood of tyrants to refresh the Tree of Liberty.
Tree fertilizer.