Discovery Master!

Judge Gerard Adelman, the dark lord of the Connecticut Family Court appoints retired pedophile protecting Judge Elaine Gordon to hunt down freedom of expression! As usual, the now famous blog cannot make this shit up. The insanity of the Ambrose case hits an historic and unconstitutional high, in the name of obtaining a ‘no-fault’ divorce. The new twist is that the mother is so evil that her computer must be confiscated by the family court, so that Elaine Gordon can pick through the hard drive in violation of First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments! Nothing stops the jews.

Remember Elaine Gordon was the star judge in the Liberti case to traffic little Max to the pleasure of the New Haven pedo ring for deviant sexual abuse by the dick of his dad and nutmeg pedo pals. A book was written about the trial by Kieth Harmon Snow: The Worst Interests of the Child. It documents the malicious acts of the court in stealing a child from the mother. Judge Gordon retired in mid trial to avoid being the judge of record to condemn Max to life as a sex toy for demented males of the Liberti family. Judge Lynda Munro, owned by the jews and the pedos, was ordered to finish off Max’s ass. Now Elaine Gordon is being pulled from retirement to finish off the Ambrose kids: Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. The little one, Sawyer, being the target of the pedo players and child traffickers. The court is doing all it can to hold the kids prisoners by the deviant father, Chris Ambrose, under the color of state dissolution law.

Judge Adelman does not appreciate the power of a sovereign people in their First Amendment right to scrutiny of the public forum, in which he claims his courtroom. His private diabolical ‘star chamber’ is nothing more than a stage upon which a sovereign people gaze. Any ‘process’, which is ‘due’ or otherwise is in public view is of grave public concern. Any evidence, fabricated or real, is subject to public inspection. The idea that Adelman has power to conduct a secret trial involving kids to the exclusion of public review is simply jewish. Adelman rules from the Talmud, not from statutes based on a constitution. He is a jew, a very nasty jew, who will sacrifice a little boy’s ass to the throbs of his jewish pedo pals and make sure that mom is not around to hear the screams. Welcome to Connecticut.

What will retired Judge Elaine Gordan do? Decline the appointment, as she holds no immunity to violate mother’s constitutional rights? Decline the appointment, as the family court lacks jurisdiction to ‘discover’ a computer? Decline the appointment, as there is no statutory authority for the family court to seize personal property under the color of state dissolution law? Will Gordon be provided counsel in the federal suit that will result? Will AG Willie Tong even appear to represent her in federal court, lest he incur the wrath of his party leadership? Will Gordon be tarred and feathered? Will Adelman be burned at the stake? Or will he declare mom a witch and have her drowned in the Connecticut River?

Adelman is acting solely on an unsupported allegation brought by his fellow pedophile Christopher Ambrose, the father who has been in litigation for two years to obtain a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. The money spent to date on the pedophile child trafficking game is enormous. The usual pedo suspects are involved: Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Judge Jane Grossman, Linda Smith, and the now blog famous jew psychologist Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D. Is Ademan inciting eminent lawless action? Does he beg a constitutional .50 cal Bill of Rights to the head? What is his game that he seeks to exclude public scrutiny of his public forum? Taking direction from jew King Elliot Solomon? Have the jews invented that elusive purpose to exclude a sovereign public from knowing how judges rape children in family court?

Judge Adelman works to undermine the First Amendment to seal the evaluation and testimony of pedo quackster Dr. Biren Caverly, who testified under oath a year ago that the kids must be isolated from mother, her so called ‘work product’ being the evidence in the public domain on which the court relied. Considering GAL Hurwitz gave copes of this work product to police, DCF and others, the Adelmonster is scrambling to put the cat back in the bag, while the offending doctor pleads before the court that she is scared!! Public warning to all so called jewish experts on children … abuse the children in the public eye under the guise of a state license to practice psychology, there will be hell to pay. Protection of children is of public interest, as are those predators like Caverly, Horrowitz, Smith, Freedman who seek to harm them. Step upon the public stage, take the devil’s silver, there is no place to hide.

Oi vey! Adelman has stepped in it. The First Amendment oath keepers from across the country are already laying siege to the Connecticut Superior Court. A jew has attacked the First Amendment, being a call to arms of Patriots to refresh the Tree of Liberty with a tyrant’s blood. Jefferson’s words stand proud!

Let the Constitution shit show begin, a fitting end to Judge Adelman, the wasting Dark Lord of family court!

The Tree of Liberty is thirsty for blood of tyrants.
Patriots have duty to spill the blood of tyrants to refresh the Tree of Liberty.
Pedo Judge Elaine Gordon, now wears a constitutional bullseye.
Dr. Caverly is scared because she fabricated a report under the guise of a ‘custody eval’ as a self-declared expert which brought harm to children … like she should be proud of it?