Public Child Abuser

Time to review behaviors of cellulose chomping legal woodchucks of upstate New York, the inbred up country which Canada did not want.  A little shop of horrors exists in the Washington County Family Court, where a dotard by the name of Richard Blair Meyer pretends to administer justice in his personal star chamber masquerading as a court of law.

The newest twist in this child trafficking operation is the appearance of one Michael J. Mercure, a two bit lawyer who became the County Public Defender because the previous two were indicted and disbarred; talk of scraping the bottom of the barrel.  This miscreant is using public funds to represent a mentally deranged mother whose sole purpose in justifying her miserable existence is to isolate children from a father.  Mercure has a long history of being a failed lawyer in the practice of family law.  His twisted demented ego does not respect the law, but feeds on bringing conflict to childhood.  A legal clown with his own children, relishes spending public money to inflame conflict, at the direction of his chosen masters.

A cult member of child traffickers, Attorney Mercure, follows the silent directive of his chosen master Judge Richard Blair Meyer, the oldest, crustiest, nastiest child trafficker in the Fourth Judicial District.  A simple monster in black, Meyer is above the law, is the chosen master of child abuse who ignores public policy, law, case law and anything humane to inflict pain and suffering on the un chosen peasants of society.  All with public funds.

The monsters walk among us, be scared, very scared.