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Dear Abby

Time to spotlight another nutjob of the whacked out family court system, a fucked up judge who pretends to administer justice with unbridled discretion to fuck over mother-child relationships. Meet Judge Matthew Cooper of the 1st Judicial District of New York. An old fart, in diapers, on a bench, with no concept of the Constitution. His latest act of dementia is to strip a fit mother of custody for not wearing a mask. Got that? A custody determination in the cesspool of New York turns on wearing a mask!!! The jews have complete control over the goy and their four legged calves.

The case is Epstein v Epstein, mom is a doctor, dad is a bipolar psycho in need of money, with a curious desire to isolate their daughter Abby from mom. Abby is a six year old little sweetheart being played by lawyers of the The Birch Wathen Lenox School, who accused mom of criminal conduct for not wearing a mask while dropping her daughter off at school. Note that the school did not make a criminal complaint to law enforcement, just used their jewish law firm to bully the mother by penning a letter which the judge read aloud in court, claiming mom is evil. Such is life on the upper east side; jewland of Manhattan. Abby even has her own lawyer, Libby Fee, a washed up old dyke who can’t attract any real clients, but lives off of state funds pretending to represent children in divorce actions. Fee is so incompetent that she cannot protect a child from being a victim of cruel and unusual punishment by a monster like Judge Cooper. In America, ‘we the people’ do not use children as weapons of punishment against parents, but ‘them jews’ do it all the time. See the Eighth Amendment. The criminal justice system lacks jurisdiction over parent-child bonds for alleged bad conduct of the mother. Why does Judge Cooper take up such power? Maybe because he is a jew, does not respect due process, wipes his ass with the Constitution, rapes children, while the court appoints Libby Fee to sit on her ass and do nothing to protect lil’ Abby. Why the sudden forced isolation of daughter from mother? What are daddy and his perverted pals up to?

Judge Cooper takes up the legal standard of being ‘flabbergasted and shocked’ by the fact the internet exists and that mom did not wear a mask, which he finds it to be ‘harm’ to a child!! Yet, no harm has been found on evidence introduced in a proper proceeding. Just another jewish ruling by a rabbinical court on edicts of the Talmud. Judge Cooper gives kid to dad orders supervised visitation, lest mother kiss her child on the cheek without a mask, then suggests ‘therapy’ and ‘medication’ for mom, and orders a psyche eval, all to flex the state discretionary muscle to interfere with the constitutionally protected parent-child bond. A jewish delicacy. In addition, as a set up against mom, Judge Cooper wants weekly reports submitted to the court by the jewish supervisor of visitation, documenting everything else that is wrong with the mother. Oi vey, the jewdicial game is so obvious. The blog sees all!!!

The beneficiary of the supervised visitation order is another jew, Dick Spitzer, a self-proclaimed forensic social worker who will charge $600/hr to terrify Abby that mother is bad and tell the judge the same. Not that there is any state licensing or professional standard for supervised/therapeutic visitation, just another jew game to abuse children and steal money by order of a rabbinical court; character assassinations his speciality. Curious that Spitzer’s fee structure is based on family income rather than cost of service, so jewish!

Next pedo play by Judge Cooper is to unleash the demonic forensic psychobabblist, Dr. Leah Younger, PhD to do voodoo on mom, so the court can point to professional medical evidence that she be cut out of her daughter’s life. Yep, same old jewish pedo play, the fruit of the womb must be protected from mom by adjudication of the jewish state because mothers are crazy and a danger to their own children … heard that jewish logic so many times before. Does Judge Cooper beg the wrath of a Christian Army or just the fleas of a thousand camels to his crotch?

Can anyone else see the permanent ‘momectomy’ coming down from the rabbinical court for little Abby? Is Judge Cooper going to get a piece of Abby’s sweet little ass as jewdicial compensation for turning the playtoy over to the local pedo ring? Stay tuned, see if little Abby makes it out alive.

Don’t think for a minute that there are not pedos involved from the Birch Wathen Lenox School … why else did they have their jewish lawyers write a letter for Judge Cooper to read, but did not contact law enforcement? So pedo, so obvious, so jewish.

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Editor’s Note: Legal beagles noticed that Judge Cooper initiated this action by calling an ’emergency hearing’ on his own accord, no criminal complaint exists, no mandatory report made to CPS, nothing resembling ‘due process’ like a motion or petition was filed in his court … how pedo judges roll … curious why not one of the lawyers involved have objected to the tyrant’s illegal jewicial activity … child trafficking is so easy to spot, the jews don’t even try to hide it any more. Poor Abby’s ass is gonna be sore.

Frank J. Carnabuci, Headmaster of Abby’s school who directed his jew lawyers to write a letter to the judge who could traffic Abby …. pedos?
RIck Spitzer, jewish vendor of forensic child abuse, $600/hr babysitter, character assassinations a speciality.
Dr. Leah Younger, tee’d up by Judge Cooper to deliver the fatal blow to allow the court to chop mom out of her daughters life … she is making a special effort as the judge wants her specifically … pedo?