White GAL Trash

Time to look at the institutionalized money laundering scam known as the Guardian ad litem in Connecticut divorce court.  Corrupt judges conspiring with unscrupulous lawyers to steal money from parents in the name of the best interest of children.  It is just about the money, nothing else.

There is a new committee in town to co-ordinate the statewide GAL racketeering operation, Chaired by our favourite deviant dyke on the byke, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto; famed idiot, complainer of criticism, enemy of the Constitution and puppet of the pedo ring.  The purpose of this committee derives from an ancient mind trick where by authority is vested in stupid impotent chosen white folk sitting around a table, creating the illusion of expertise.  Really does mask the underlying purpose of racketeering and money laundering.  The judges themselves created the commish through the gestapo rules committee who invented a rule to invent the commish to rule the players who steal the money.  All under the guise of court ‘practice’ by rule PB25-61A.  Legislature not needed when jews in black robes re write the people’s laws in the shadow of court procedures.

The purpose of the commish is to select the trusted lawyers who will be appointed by the corrupt judges to scam the unsuspecting parents out of their meager life savings under the color of best interests of their pathetic kids and provide untraceable cash gratuities to the doting judges who dole out the lucrative appointments.  The window dressing is matters of training, procedures, qualifications, curriculum, administration, review, approval, eligibility, functions, but it is the same old racket perfected by Judge Lynda Munro, Holly Wetstone and pedo battle axe Annie Dranginis.  Nothing has changed.  The objective is money, the target is liquidation of family savings, retirement funds, college savings; all done under jew granted immunity and threat of jewdicial incarceration for non-payment.

Here is a shout out to commish member and top child trafficker Attorney Justine Rakich-Kelly.  Remember, she was in the courtroom as head GAL when the cancerous Holly Abery-Wetstone punished a mother by taking away the kids.  Justine is so stupid and devoid of any understanding of law as to support Holly’s unconstitutional action to punish a mother with her own babies.  Rather un-American, but Justine is a jew and hangs out with a lot of jew lawyers of family court, whose oaths are to the chosen overlords.  That is why she was installed as head of the so called Children’s Law Center; a jew controlled child trafficking operation staffed with bottom of the barrel lawyers doing pedo bidding.

The presence of the rotund and demented Attorney Christine Perra Rapillo cannot be ignored.  She represents the interests of the C list attorneys who get in on the bottom floor by working at STATE RATES under contract and tax reporting requirements of the Public Defenders Office.  The A list GALs get $350/hr, tax free, with no billing limits.  The C list only gets a state paid stipend, taxable $500/per case, income reported on 1099 and only assigned to poor parents.  See the income test of Family Court?  If parents have money, the GAL gets rich.  If the parents are poor, the GAL is a slug.   Or put another way, if parents have money then the court rules the kids have issues and the case gets an expensive GAL.  If the parents are poor, then the kids don’t matter.  A simple jewish selection criteria.

Anyone curious why rich parents have to pay twelve times what the state pays for the same service?  Why the state uses a commercial contract, where the judge uses discretion for the same service?  The GAL provided by the state has the same ‘qualifications’ as the expensive one appointed by the jewdicial authority….so what is the difference?  Jews?

One interesting legal issue that the commish ignores is the statutory requirement for the court to preserve the GAL file until the kid turns eighteen.  This little legal gem is buried in CGS 46b-115j(d), but Buzzuto, Rogers and the commish ignore it as it would put the records of the scam in the public domain, subject to public scrutiny.  Timesheets, notes, invoices, evidence of racketeering….so not going to happen.  Laws are for little people, not the chosen ones.  Jews can’t have a rule of law that will expose a money laundering scam.

Another chosen racket for stupid white busy bodies to steal money in feigned game of best interests in a court responsible for best interests, but needing you to pay lots of money for nothing.  Scam continues, white players don’t change, money still flows, kids still trafficked.  A state cesspool funded to fuck over you, your kids and your wallet.

Not America.