Scrutiny Not!

Judge Donna Heller hides the jew trickery!

Just when you thought the public had right to scrutiny of a public forum, along comes Judge Donna Heller of Corrupticut to sweep the First Amendment under the family court carpet. Here we go again!

It is the old divorce case of Jennifer Dulos and her murderous hubby Fotis. Two years of senseless litigation, Dad knocks off Mom and that is the end of the case. But not really. The difference between a prostitute and a lawyer is that the hooker will stop fucking you when you are dead. Not so for the ‘family’ lawyers in the Dulos divorce case. Jewish trifecta of Heller, Midler and Meehan are still billing away for a divorce that Jennifer’s corpse will never be granted. Judge Heller’s latest magic trick is to erase the past so the public cannot scrutinize the jewish game of psychological evaluations by jewish vultures appointed by the court. The public might catch on to the scam.

The scam was simple. Jen had lots of money. Judge Heller and Reuben Midler knew how to get it out of Jen’s bank and into the grubby hands of Bar members and fellow jews. The classic jew game of pyshco-babble evalutation was played on mommy and daddy. Daddy had no money, was a parasite on the grandparents, Jen was the only parent who could provide for the children, so Judge Heller plays the psyche card to prolong the litigation, enrich her jew Bar pals and generally act like the cunt in the black robe that she is. In comes Dr. Stephen Herman, court appointed jew carpet bagger, a ringer and a court player to escalate the drama of a simple NO FAULT divorce. Dr. Pee Wee Herman ‘evaluates’ the couple to no known standards or protocols. In other words he provides his jewish Frankfurt School baseless opinions of two people he does not know. His conclusion is that Dad is good and Mom is bad, which is the testimony Judge Heller needs to drag out litigation, generate Bar feed and drain as much of Jen’s bank as possible.

But wait!!! Dr. Pee Wee Herman was wrong. Dad was the psycho-murderer!! How could the good doctor have missed all the red flags. Twenty visits with the Dad over two years and Dr. Herman misses the fact that Dad is capable of pre-meditated whacking, dismembering and disposal of the mother of his children? That Dad loved money more than his kids. That Dad flaunted fucking the side bitch under the same roof his children slept. That Dad’s brain had less sense than his dick. How could this be? Oh, yeah, right, Dr. Herman is just another part of the jewish scam called family court. A parasite who survives on scamming the goyim. But this is on the court record! Oi vey! The gentiles might discover the scam. Quick, jew girl Heller has to move before the jew scam is exposed!!!

Our jewish jerk in the black robe, Judge Donna N. Heller strikes Dr. Herman’s testimony from the record of the open court in jewish defiance of the First Amendment. A flick of the wrist and Heller thinks she has saved the jewish day by hiding the jewish trickery of Dr. Herman. What she failed to note is that the goyim are watching. The gentiles now have cause to examine the due process or lack thereof played out in the public forum of family court. What was the process that required the psyche eval? What is a psyche eval? Why was Dr. Stephen Herman chosen? What protocol was ordered? What standards were applied? What testing used? Of course the answer to those questions are none, notta, zip. The evaluation is nothing more than a personal opinion by the charlatan of the court ordered to tell the judge what she wants to hear in return for large helpings from Jen’s bank.

But what if the gentiles want to review the written report entered into evidence in the public forum known as a court of law? Judge Heller has a fix for that too….SEAL IT! Yep, seal it, hide it, put it in a manila colored envelope in the file and claim judicial authority to defeat the First Amendment for a singular jewish purpose…protect the jew games of family court from prying eyes of the goyim.

But what if someone has a copy of Dr. Herman’s report? What if Jen gave a copy to her friends? What if Dad shared it with his lover? What if there is a copy on the internet? On a forgotten email server? A thumb drive? Well, the bitch jew in black has threatened “contempt of court” for anyone who leaks the perjured prose to We the people.……aren’t you just terrified of that?

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! It is a patriot’s duty to fart in the general direction of Judge Heller, piss on her abuse of office and be quite contemptuous. Civil disobedience serves its purpose against tyranny of the black robed jew. It is a necessity of a free people to fully understand the jewish scam played out by Judge Heller in the public forum of family court. The trickery used to defeat due process. The application of pseudo science, quackery and psycho-babble to protect a murdered and malign a mother. No protocol, no measure of efficacy, no standards, no warranty, yet relied upon by the jew in a black robe to make a decision on a NO FAULT divorce. Jewdicial discretion.

The underlying fact remains that Fotis had no way of providing a home and care for five kids, that Jen was the only source of funding for the best interests of the kids, yet for some unexplained reason, Judge Donna N. Heller obscured the obvious by dragging out litigation, employing Dr. Quackababble, hearing false evidence for no purpose at law and bleeding over $1.6M out of Jen’s bank. Now Judge Heller seeks to hide her tracks by SEALING the scam from the public. So not going to happen.

In the end, the report will be public along with the testimony of Dr. Herman and Judge Heller will be kicked off the bench. Simple.

Read Stamford Advocate article by Lisa Backus. It is of note that blog famous court whore, local psychobabblist Dr. Stephen Humphrey of Hartford also evaluated Fotis The Killer and found him to be normal…’gregarious and confident’ having no psychopathic tendencies…money buys opinions in family court! Not that chopping up the mother of your children is considered abnormal behavior in Connecticut.

Dr. Stephen Herman, not to be around kids or courts.
Jew bitch in black robe, shredding the First Amendment to protect jewish court scam. Judge Donna N. Heller.
Dr. Stephen M. Humphrey….found Fotis to be gregarious, confident with not psychopathic tendencies.