Diminished Capacity

Just when you thought that Connecticut Family Court could not get any worse, along comes Attorney Reuben S. Midler to set a new low of frivolous arguments and pleading for fees. The inane drama of Judge Donna Heller’s excuse of a court has gone off the deep end. Our beloved Jennifer is gone. As the Great Grey Ponytail states: she is Gone Girl. She did not even say goodbye to her great jewish divorce attorney Midler. Stuck him with unpaid bills and ended his $60k a month gravy train. Since Jen has been gone for seven months, it is time to dismiss the divorce matter before Judge Heller.

Fotis Dulos drops a simple motion for Judge Heller to dismiss the matter as Plaintiff Jen is gone. Along comes Attorney Midler claiming that his client Jen is of Diminished Capacity as described in Rule 1.14 of the Rules of Professional Conduct and he must defend her rights, but he needs Fotis to pay him. Yes folks, Family Law is all about money for lawyers. No concern for children, no concern for clients, no respect for the dead, just a game to extract as much money from a family as possible.

Let’s examine Midler’s highly crafted legal argle bargle in claim of money. See his motion here. First he claims that Jennifer is acting through him, but in reality Jen is not acting at all, she is quite dead and Midler even states that she ‘disappeared’, being a victim of a criminal act. Midler then claims that he is charged with a professional duty to defend Jen’s ‘interests’ in pursuing a divorce which her corpse no longer needs, nor can the court issue a divorce to a dead plaintiff, nor do corpses have custody issues. At this point one wonders where this clown got is law degree: Rutgers and it shows.

Midler cites Rule 1.14, Client with Impaired Capacity, as his need for money from Fotis or the kids’ college funds to keep up his game. Here is what the rule actually says: The fact that a client suffers a disability does not diminish the lawyer’s obligation under the rules. The lawyer should as far as possible accord the represented person the status of client, particularly in maintaining communication. The lawyer has a duty to determine the extent of the incapacity.

Wonder how Midler is communicating with Jen?

Midler states that Jen disappeared as a result of a criminal act, but at the same time claims he is maintaining his lawyer-client relationship which is the basis for his need of money. All kidding aside, this is just jewish code of a wink and nod to jew Judge Heller to raid the kids’ college funds to keep up pillage and plunder under the color of state divorce law. Probably get a chunk of change for his sidekick GAL Attorney Michael Meehan too. All eyes on Judge Heller, after all, it is a racket.

Midler’s argument admits that Jen is gone along with his paycheck, there is an outstanding balance owed by Jen, but that the case must live on and all he needs is daddy Fotis’ money to keep the game going. After all, no one makes money if the divorce case is dismissed. The kickbacks to the judge will even stop.

Midler is such an amazing lawyer that he knows Fotis has lots and lots of money without citing a single fact or bank statement, just that he believes Norm Pattis is getting paid on the criminal side. The jew cannot stand to see Norm get paid while Jen stiffed Midler by ‘disappearing’. Judge Heller is going to have to fix the hole in Midler’s pocket!

Connecticut Family Court is Simply Money.

Reuben Midler, demanding that Daddy Dulos pay his bills for a divorce that will never be granted.
Jew Judge Donna Heller, expected to order Fotis Dulos to pay for Jew Reuben Midler to keep fucking him over despite Jen’s disappearance.
Jen Dulos, a corpse has no need for a divorce, nor can the court grant a corpse a divorce…a point lost on her former attorney Reuben S. Midler.