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Jewish Best Interest

Time to take a hard look at the jewish wordsmithing of the concocted term ‘best interest’ of the child. For the history buffs, this term was introduced into the Christian world in 1925, by a sephardic jew in a black robe who sat on the high court of the State of New York. Judge Cardozo stated in Finlay v Finlay that ‘the judge acts as parens patriae to do what is best for the interest of the child.’ After ninety-two years of jewish games and mis-interpretations we come to the court of another jew, Judge Hope Schwartz-Zimmerman of Suffolk County, Long Island, who applied the jewish best interest test in 2017 to Tommy Valva and stripped his mother Justyna of custody. Mommy was so bad that jew Judge Zimmerman would not let mommy visit with her Christian calves. Sole custody to daddy, for no reason other than the jew’s application of Talmud law under the ‘gloss’ of best interest, whatever the fuck that means.

The Suffolk County coroner observed the error of jewish thinking while attaching a toe tag to the cold, lifeless body of Tommy Valva on 17 January 2020. Oi vey! But the nice thing about the flexible, elastic and quite meaningless concept of best interests is that the label can be applied to the goyim in any situation under Talmud edicts. Judge Zimmerman decided back in 2017 that best interest requires mom to be cut out of her children’s lives. Mom was bad, dad was good under the jew standard. But now that daddy has been arrested for murder of Tommy for the sleeping in the garage freeze to death scenario, mom goes before Judge Frank Tantone, where the same best interest standard applies to now rule mom is good, dad is bad and mom can have custody of the two non-frozen sons. Let’s be honest, neither mom nor dad changed much in the last three years.

So we see that the word salad of ‘best interests of the child’ is rather meaningless. One day it means this, the next day it means that, all by jewdicial discretion. A term of such vagueness as to be unconstitutional in a real court of law. But family court is not a real court and there is no law. It is a place where rights go to die and children get trafficked, while bottom tier lawyers get rich and judges get kickbacks. Oi vey, what have the jews created? The opinions written by Judge Zimmerman and Judge Tantone will eventually come to light, the public will have the opportunity to scrutinize the jewish game of child trafficking in Suffolk County, the feds might even stop by, given the deprivation of rights at hand and misuse of federal funds in the court system. Just wait. God works in mysterious ways.

Judge Frank Tantone, overrules Judge Zimmerman in best interests of surviving children.