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Joette Katz

Cantwell v Liebenguth

    The now-famous Blog of worst kind mocks the seven dwarfs of the Connecticut supreme court for proving incompetence to address the law. In true bloglicious form, the disclaimer applies that Blog ain’t makin’ this shit up! Way back in April 1938, on Cassius Street in New Haven, a SCOTUS opinion forms when Jehovah Witnesses peddle religious expression by harassing residents of the Catholic neighborhood with anti-Catholic rhetoric, promoting a private agenda of whackoid interpretation of biblical prose, devoid of any doctrinal or theological rigor, a pseudo religion, headquarters in Brooklyn. Annoying neighbors by going door-to-door under guise of preaching, spreading alien private beliefs to those who keep doors locked for… Read More »Cantwell v Liebenguth

    40 Years Threatened

      The now-famous Blog of the worst kind notes famous blog star Jewette Katz preaches from her anti-semitic bully pulpit, claiming she has been THREATENED for forty years. Oi vey! Does this self-absorbed retard ever listen to what comes out of her kosher mouth? The Zyklon poisoning of her six-million cousins disabled her brain’s logic center, unable to grasp protected goy speak under the U.S. Constitution, an annoyance to all things jewish, including the Holohoax. Blog star Jewette takes the stage at ADL’s kike convention in NYC to bitch and moan jews are unloved, have a long history of being unloved, and it is all goy fault. Her presentation is hilarious,… Read More »40 Years Threatened


        What the fuck is a Ketubah and why does Connecticut give a shit? Jews of Connecticut light their hair on fire to show goy that chosen law supersedes the Constitution, all bend the knee to those above the law! The state supreme court has taken up claim by Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen that ancient jewish customs forbid him to pay alimony to his ex-wife as ordered by Judge Karen Goodrow, oi vey! Jewish word-salad pretends this Ketubah thing is ‘contract law’, under Talmud law, which must be recognized by the court as binding, voiding ‘broad discretion‘ of the family court to fuck over whomever it wants, however it cares to. The… Read More »Ketubah

        Clear & Present Katz

          The now-famous Blog of the worst kind takes aim at jewdicial miscreant Joette Katz, public figure on a stage, begging for attention, a jew of a jew, espousing lies to malign goy with rabbinical opinion of talmudic law … chosen rule over goy, ‘cuz dem jooz be chosen. Blog calls bullshit on Katz’s claim that criticism of state government is ‘clear and present danger‘. Reality is that Katz is a threat to society, a shill, enemy of the Constitution, traitor, and child predator. Katz epitomizes the jewdiciary of Connecticut, the self-appointed regulator of thought, thin skinned JAP melts down over little free speech, cannot recognize the essence of self-government, but… Read More »Clear & Present Katz

          ADL Hate Speech!

            The jews are at it again!  Never is now! Whatever the fuck that means! The jew ideology is that anyone who hates jewshit is a bad person … got it? Blog star Jewette Katz is hosting a panel to malign goy who don’t appreciate jewism. Join us for Never Is Now 2022, the World’s Largest Summit on Antisemitism and Hate hosted by ABC’s “Nightline” Co-Anchor, Juju Chang and moderator, journalist and author Abigail Pogrebin. Session starts at time 28.20 Site warning: It will make you vomit! Closing remarks cause vomiting as well.  Speeches start at 10.20     Holohoax Deniers are anti-semitic!! Supporting Palestinians is anti-semitic!!! Anti-zionism is anti-semitism!!!!… Read More »ADL Hate Speech!

            Katz Attacks First Amendment

              Blog star Jewette Katz, self-appointed constitutional terrorist, enemy of the people, dedicated Blog fan, continues her crusade to silence goy for expressing displeasure of all things jewish, she invites like minded, chosen anti-American types to join her on 10 November in NYC with a gaggle of kikes who get really upset at the term HOLOHOAX.  Jewette will stand with Liz Cheney and Chris Wray to shit upon goy First Amendment rights, promoting hatred of anti-semitism, to seek out new ways to misuse courts to silence goy expression … the essence of self-governance. The Javits Center will be howling with screeching jews, self-appointed victims of oppression, the lone survivors of the… Read More »Katz Attacks First Amendment

              Trans Shrinks

                Now comes famous Blog’s public service warning in protection of children from jews of Boston Children’s Hospital, a yeshiva cloaked in a medical institution, to butcher goy babies in jewish attack on goy. Spotlight Kerry McGregor, PsyD., the devil’s sister in human form. Her inhumane beliefs coupled with jewish brainwashing produces a child predator promoting butchering genitalia in mockery of goy children. She is so chosen that she knows babies become ‘trans’ in the womb, promoting jewish concept of ‘gender’ instead of human sex. No scientific method of proof, just jewish word-salad to promote deviancy. Jew speak sez murdering babies in the womb is ‘reproductive healthcare’, confiscating rifles from a… Read More »Trans Shrinks

                State Interest?

                  The curiosity department of the now-famous Blog asks ‘what is state interest in Blog’?  What is the constitutional driving force that compels federal and state law enforcement agencies to expend significant resources over the last seven years to hunt free speech?  Who is behind the expenditure of public funds in attack of free expression? A list of public actors who have hunted Blog:  Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto;  USA Diedre Daly, AUSA Anastasia King, John Hughes, Willian Nardini, Nancy Gifford, Margaret Donovan, Neeraj Patel, Marc Silverman, Vanessa Avery, John Fahey, Jennifer Singer;  FBI Lisa Tutty, Richard Stallings, Marie Kuchay, Ron Offut;  Federal Magistrates Sarah Merriam, Joan Margolis, Theresa Buchanan;  USDJ Michael Shea,… Read More »State Interest?

                  Reckless Robinson

                    The now-famous Blog calls out the jewish mafia of Corrupticut for slaying First Amendment protections on ideology of American Law Institute’s private agenda.  Time to revisit the 2014 mugging of Ted Taupier by unscrupulous domestic terrorists undermining the Bill of Rights.  The big black man in the black robe is nothing more than a puppet on jewish strings advancing alien ideology in the land of the free and the home of the brave, agitating trigger fingers of the Second Amendment, .308 ball preferred. A private email promoting demise of dykish Elizabeth Bozzuto for destruction of families, severing of parent-child bonds, rape of childhood, plunder of savings, defiance of due process,… Read More »Reckless Robinson


                      The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind identifies Toby J, Heytens, domestic enemy of the Constitution, enemy of ‘we the people’, a subversive jew working to undermine First Amendment, lest holohoax be exposed. Toby is the retarded fool who pens amicus brief for stooge Clarence Thomas to stand upon, lecturing goy on unacceptable speech. Redneck mountain justice patriots say ‘fuck you’!  First Amendment is purely American, it protects mutterings at the Green Dragon, promotes tea parties, it gives cause to slaughter twenty-thousand British troops, takes down a sovereign, is the essence of self-government, it even feeds the homeless, which is why Toby hates it. Can’t have goy populace governing… Read More »Toby!