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Joette Katz

Abort Katz!!

The now-famous worst Blog promotes abortion to an enlightened society, advocating freedom of choice up to and including when the fetus becomes a partner at ShipmanGoodwin. Never has there been such a compelling need to extinguish human life, but when Jewette Katz preaches talmudic edicts on behalf of a jewish law firm. As vacuum extractors cannot deal with her fat ass, the late term abortion… Read More »Abort Katz!!

Absolute Immunity!

Discrimination is protected litigation practice in Connecticut Family Court!!! Mentally impaired Judge John David Moore, presiding judge of Litchfield Judicial District rules that court whores appointed by jew judges to malign mothers and rape childhood hold ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY by privilege created of jewdicial discretion by a doctrine not codified in law. Judge Moore claims that it is public policy to shield court whores from any… Read More »Absolute Immunity!

Protected Fraud

The now-famous all-seeing Blog spotlights the incompetent Judge Tammy Nguyen-O’Dowd for fraud upon the people by granting a protective order to hide where Attorney Dennis O’Toole got $400k in cash to fund FreedMarcroft’s meritless, vexatious litigation for nut job Francelia Sevin to argue for sole custody and isolation of little Odin Sakon from his father. Like Tammy did not realize Blog is watching? Dumb cunt.… Read More »Protected Fraud

Absolute Adelman

Absolute discretion is ruthless, the greatest danger to liberty ever created by man. In Connecticut, childhood is senselessly raped by unbridled discretion wielded by the jew in black, the Dark Lord of evil, Judge Gerard I. Adelman. The mentally defective monster begs Blog spotlight for inhumane conduct in violation of American constitutional principles, but the kike is not American, he is jewish. Having kept Mia,… Read More »Absolute Adelman

Ignorant Ellen Peters

The now-famous Blog further incites Jewette Katz to pop a blood vessel in her twisted brain by slaughtering the legacy of the ignorant jew Justice Ellen Ash Peters for exempting prisoners of the Connecticut concentration camp from protections of the Fourteenth Amendment. It is a jew world, where the chosen suspend the Constitution in sole purpose of trafficking children, draining Christian baby blood to bake… Read More »Ignorant Ellen Peters


Jewish word salad is a red flag that betrays government deceit on a trusting public. Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families skillfully employs ill-defined words to protect child predators. The pattern is repeated precisely revealing a racket protecting persons engaged in pedophilia: protected jewish delicacy. A little girl, perhaps five years of age, has an incredible knowledge of male appendages, knows where it does not… Read More »Unsubstantiated

A Dream

I have a dream that Jewette Katz has a heart attack! A stroke! An overdose of fentanayl! A run in with a state snow plow! A fall into a woodchipper! On this fabricated day of race baiting in celebration of communist ideology that supports a black puppet from Atlanta having a fake name related to a 16th century monk with an attitude, the now-famous Blog… Read More »A Dream


Blog Star Jewette Katz takes to the jewish bully pulpit of the CT Law Tribune to ask When is Enough Enough? Dumb cunt whines over the essence of self-government, complaining that her personal butt-hurt defines unprotected speech. What a jew!! Jewette claims that she is the target of free expression, a protected right under the First Amendment. She falsely states that Nazis killed a million… Read More »Enuff!

Katz Combat!

The hideously fugly excuse of a jew, Joette Katz, self-appointed master of the goy and shredder of law takes to the pulpit of the Connecticut Law Tribune [sic] to spray disinformation upon the four legged animals in a sleight of word salad to deceive the sheeple that the jewish rule will guide their barnyard society to a better existence. Read her shit here. Katz calls… Read More »Katz Combat!

GAL Immunity

The jewish game of protecting child traffickers with immunity is alive and well in the pedo capital of New England, the cesspool known as Corrupticut. David Dubinsky had a few scheckles in his pocket when the mother of his child, Miriam filed for divorce in July of 2012. Miriam got a good jew lawyer, not realizing her own family would become a feast for the… Read More »GAL Immunity