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State Interest?

The curiosity department of the now-famous Blog asks ‘what is state interest in Blog’?  What is the constitutional driving force that compels federal and state law enforcement agencies to expend significant resources over the last seven years to hunt free speech?  Who is behind the expenditure of public funds in attack of free expression?

A list of public actors who have hunted Blog:  Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto;  USA Diedre Daly, AUSA Anastasia King, John Hughes, Willian Nardini, Nancy Gifford, Margaret Donovan, Neeraj Patel, Marc Silverman, Vanessa Avery, John Fahey, Jennifer Singer;  FBI Lisa Tutty, Richard Stallings, Marie Kuchay, Ron Offut;  Federal Magistrates Sarah Merriam, Joan Margolis, Theresa Buchanan;  USDJ Michael Shea, Leonie Brinkema;  State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo, Phil Figura, Darong Hultman, Dennis Sochem, Christopher Worthington, Steve Descano, Patrick Griffin, John Doyle, Lisa D’Anglelo;  AG’s William Tong, Jason Miyares;  State Police Stavros Mallekas, Gary Settle, Shawn Benoit, Samantha McCord, Richard Alexandre, Michael Sponheimer, Alan Worsham, Richard Boyd; Local Police Patrick Ridenhour, Steven Castrovinci, Joe Devoe, Paul Zurlo, Mark Conaway;   Judicial Investigator: Garritt Kelly, Martin Libbin;  State judges Eric Coleman, Jane Grossman, Gerard Adelman, Jon Alander, Toni Truglia, Anne Ficeto, Tania Saylor, Grace Carroll.

What is the state interest that drives these ‘officials’ to hunt free speech?  The now-famous Blog is protected political speech, advocacy aimed at atrocities of family court, rape of childhood, destruction of mother-child bonds, lack of due process, illegal immunities, absolute discretion, jewish ideology, financial plunder, all under color of administrative no-fault dissolution. First Amendment protects such political expression, a shield, without regard to truth, popularity or social utility of ideas and beliefs offered.  Blog expression meets all legal tests for classification of advocacy.  The editorial staff does not allow for ‘true threats’, nor can the digital infrastructure ‘communicate‘ to a victim, Blog sends no messages to any addressee, a digital impossibility.  Reading Blog is voluntary action by the curious, victimhood does not apply.  Public retards obsessed with Blog must pick an unprotected class of speech, then proceed accordingly.  The game afoot is to hunt on basis of dislike, for purpose of harassment, goal to chill expression of others, in defiance of First Amendment, a clear abuse of office, oppressive use of power, being criminal conduct.  Conduct of Blog hunt betrays the tyranny of the state and federal actors, criminal conduct under the Third Enforcement Act of 1871, 18 USC §241, conspiracy in deprivation of rights.  Fourteenth Amendment has teeth.  Blog is immunized from government regulation by 1A, backed up by Patriot’s powder and shot of 2A.

Unprotected speech can only be adjudicated by a federal court, criminal speech does not turn on uneducated opinions of private persons, donut munching cops, transgender state officials, nor jewish ideology; drama of early morning SWAT raids, black rifles, broken doors, seized property, does not alter First Amendment protections held by Blog, only exposes who is hunting and why.

Blog legal beagles provide notice that attacks by these unscrupulous flying monkeys directed by wicked witch must be dealt with legally, remedy allowed by federal law.  Sic semper tyrannis!


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