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Abort Katz!!

The now-famous worst Blog promotes abortion to an enlightened society, advocating freedom of choice up to and including when the fetus becomes a partner at ShipmanGoodwin. Never has there been such a compelling need to extinguish human life, but when Jewette Katz preaches talmudic edicts on behalf of a jewish law firm. As vacuum extractors cannot deal with her fat ass, the late term abortion for Katz employs the classic Connecticut woodchipper, disposal to Lake Zoar. Blog takes note of Jewette’s jewery in a state’s rights issue of a sovereign people, not a retarded jew, having no respect for humanity nor the Constitution.

See her chicken scratch below. Hard to comprehend, but here is the summary:

The legislative blueprint cited as HB5414 is part of the pre-planned jewish script which involves the so called ‘leak’ from Sotomayor’s office, it was leaked by a Yale Law clerk, as directed by the jews. Yes, everyone can see the pre planning, where all the jews knew it was coming. Roe v Wade is a jewish construct, so are all efforts to preserve it, the Fourteenth Amendment be dammed. Underlying theme here is that Christianity holds human life sacred, but jews see goy life to be slaughtered at will, call it freedom, call it healthcare, call it women’s rights, but in the end it is the jew love of devouring goy children, born or unborn. Sanger and Planned Parenthood were focused on the black weed of humanity and the need to stop the spread of the negro race in a white society, the jews take it to the extreme.

Jewette praises little kike Matt Blumenthal for doing jewish bidding; proving to his Vietnam war hero daddy that the Blumental family is jewish, fetuses be scared. Jewette is upset that other states, not run by jews, have cause to regulate abortion to her personal disappointment. Jewette can’t spell s-t-a-t-e-s r-i-g-h-t-s. Jewette is a jew. Jews rise above the restrictions imposed by the Constitution, if she is so upset with it, she can move to Israel, having more friends there. Rep. Jill Gilchrest too.

Jewette applauds the effort to make Connecticut a ‘sanctuary’ state where fetuses can be slaughtered at whim beyond kindergarten, no restrictions, just reproductive rights coined by the jewish mind. Goy family concept to be destroyed, children disposable. Jewette does not like Texas or Idaho or Red states or anyone who does not bow to the jew … poor Jewette, no one cares what she thinks, not even in Connecticut, she is the poster child why jews should not breed nor serve in public office. Partners at ShipmanGoodwin must be proud they have her to scare off clients.

Jewette applauds allowing non physicians to provide the slaughter service, soon plumbers, welders, butchers, fish mongers, pipe fitters, bricklayers, auto mechanics will be able to provide jew service of slaughtering the innocent, protecting REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS so desperately needed by a savage society … just ask Jewette.

Jewette’s word salad is absurd. Ignoring law and rights is the jew game of trickery, deceit, a parasitic expertise. A pregnant woman is not an individual of protected rights to chop off a thumb or kill a child, she is a citizen of an enlightened (non-jewish) society holding constitutional duty to protect another life. The States singularly hold constitutional authority to regulate this arrangement, in protection of life, much to Jewette’s dismay. The will of a sovereign people to pass state laws is not up to Jewette’s jewish criticism of barbaric belief. If the majority of Nutmegs want access to abortion thru enrollment in kindergarten, jew boy Governor Lamont will sign it into law, surrounded by his jew wife and supportive children. But c’mon, no one cares what Connecticut does, it is a jewish cesspool, a gulag of goy, ruled by Jewette’s pals, no one cares. Abort all the children, import black skinned illegals, extinguish the enlightened society, burn all the Churches, hate your neighbor, hate yourself, hate children, hate your country, that is the true jewish agenda.

Roe v Wade was a jew job in 1973, it is being overturned on the same principles of the dissenting opinion, nothing has changed, regulation of abortion is a matter for the States not for the federal government and not for the jewdiciary. The scam ran for a half-century, the gig is up, the word is out, the jews lost. Poor Jewette will need extra electro-shock therapy and heavier sedatives to control her anxiety that a large portion of this country is simply not run by jews … so sad, so tragic. Perhaps she needs to be committed and placed on suicide watch, would be nice to see her put an end to her own mental torment, the end of her cognitive dissonance.

Editor’s Note: Pretty much explains why Connecticut family court acts the way it does, hatred of mothers, disregard for children, love of money, a jewish paradise.

Amid Imminent End of Roe, State Legislators Protect Connecticut as a Sanctuary

By Jewette Katz

Just as the United States Supreme Court is poised to issue a ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (draft opinion just leaked), inviting the court to revisit Roe v. Wade, the Connecticut legislature has stepped up with a blueprint for protecting abortion providers from red-state actions aimed at limiting access to abortions.

When Roe is overruled officially in accordance with the leaked draft, H.B. 5414 will become even more important. Thank you Representative Matt Blumenthal and Representative Jillian Gilchrest for spearheading the effort behind this bill and to Governor Lamont who has pledged to sign it.

Currently there are several states that not only restrict abortion rights in violation of Roe but that also create a system authorizing vigilante justice. Connecticut is responding to a Texas law passed last year that allows private citizens to sue providers who perform abortions after a fetal heartbeat has been detected. The Texas provision gives any individual the right to file civil lawsuits against an abortion provider or anyone who “aids or abets” the procedure. It removes the responsibility of enforcement from the state’s executive branch, and places it into the hands of private citizens who can earn up to $10,000 in damages through litigation.

There is a similar law in Idaho that includes an enforcement provision but narrows the pool of people able to sue an abortion provider to include the patient and the unborn child’s relatives. Those civil suits can yield at least $20,000 in money damages. And if the provider has fled to Connecticut, but for H.B. 5414, Connecticut would be required to enforce that judgment. But under the new bill, Connecticut state courts would be barred from enforcing penalties set by courts in other states with the civil enforcement mechanism in place, essentially providing anyone who performed or facilitated an abortion with a legal shield.

Significantly, the Connecticut bill also allows anyone who faces civil liability for violating other states’ abortion laws to sue for damages in Connecticut courts. Specifically, the bill would allow a person who has had a judgment entered against him in any state where liability is based on “the alleged provision, receipt, assistance in receipt or provision, material support for, or any theory of… liability… for reproductive health care services that are permitted under the laws of this state,” to “recover damages from any party that brought the action leading to that judgment.”

This means that anyone from out of state who is sued for having aided and abetted an abortion, such as the parent or guardian who goes with the patient to Connecticut for the procedure, can legally fight back—like a Texas mother who is sued for taking her daughter out of state for an abortion. Under the H.B. 5414, that mother can countersue, collecting damages and attorneys’ fees, including those spent defending herself in her home state and the fees spent on bringing suit in Connecticut. Essentially, HB 5414 creates standing for the abortion provider, or any other individual who helped someone procure an abortion, to sue for reimbursement, attorney fees, costs and other expenses related to the lawsuit brought under laws from other states.

Additionally, H.B. 5414 states that Connecticut officials would be barred from sharing private medical information with out-of-state investigators seeking to penalize anyone who aided and abetted an abortion that took place in Connecticut. This bill will prevent the enforceability of these subpoenas because the abortion was legal in Connecticut, and Connecticut will not recognize another state’s claim on the legality of the abortion. And finally, the bill would allow non-doctors to perform abortions, allowing advanced registered nurses, nurse-midwives and physician assistants to provide medication and aspiration abortions in the first trimester.

Texas and Idaho are not alone in their attempts to limit access to safe reproductive rights. They just got there first. Emboldened states are eager to introduce bills; Missouri is advancing a bill that, if successful, would criminalize facilitating abortions. One representative there is pushing an amendment to three health-related House bills that would allow private citizens to sue anyone who helps a Missouri resident have an abortion, including out-of-state physicians, the person transporting the patient to the clinic and anyone helping to pay for the procedure. The policy targets providers who help Missouri residents obtain abortions in Illinois, where a Planned Parenthood clinic sits right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. There are other states eager to use their significant power to regulate and enforce their laws outside of their borders.

With the overturning of Roe imminent, I expect we will be faced almost immediately with stricter limits on abortion access in large swaths of the South and Midwest, with about half of the states set to immediately impose broad abortion bans. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a think tank that supports abortion rights, 26 states are likely to ban or severely restrict access to abortions if (more likely when) Roe is officially overturned. Although any state could still legally allow the procedure, with laws like the ones currently in Texas and Idaho and many more under consideration like the one in Missouri, H.B. 5414 becomes that much more important. The recent proliferation of laws seeking to penalize people from other states and forcing judges to contend with whether one state can regulate activity in another demands action.

In short, H.B. 5414 meets the test. It bars state courts from enforcing another state’s penalties against a provider who performed or someone who facilitated an abortion that is legal in Connecticut, allows someone sued under vigilante abortion bans to countersue in Connecticut courts and broadly prohibits state authorities from complying with another state’s request to investigate, penalize or extradite persons who provided or facilitated reproductive health services. In short, it is essential to fighting against other states’ laws that target patients and providers in our state. Just consider the nonextradition clause, a chilling analog to free-state efforts to shelter fugitive slaves before the civil war, which will protect an individual who has performed or abetted reproductive health care services that are lawful in Connecticut.

As laws such as those in Texas and Idaho become more prevalent, more women are expected to seek abortions in other states with different laws on the books. An anti-abortion group has called Connecticut a “sanctuary state” after our legislature passed H.B. 5414 and thereby increased protection from out-of-state lawsuits. In general, the term sanctuary state means a state that limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents as much as possible to protect illegal immigrants. In this case, the term means that women can receive good quality reproductive health care treatment in Connecticut without having to worry about being penalized by courts in other states. H.B. 5414 was important when first proposed; after this week’s leak, it’s crucial.