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ADL Hate Speech!

The jews are at it again!  Never is now! Whatever the fuck that means! The jew ideology is that anyone who hates jewshit is a bad person … got it? Blog star Jewette Katz is hosting a panel to malign goy who don’t appreciate jewism.

Join us for Never Is Now 2022, the World’s Largest Summit on Antisemitism and Hate hosted by ABC’s “Nightline” Co-Anchor, Juju Chang and moderator, journalist and author Abigail Pogrebin.

Session starts at time 28.20

Site warning: It will make you vomit!

Closing remarks cause vomiting as well.  Speeches start at 10.20



Holohoax Deniers are anti-semitic!!

Supporting Palestinians is anti-semitic!!!

Anti-zionism is anti-semitism!!!!

Panel of jews to Save Democracy by suing Holohoax Deniers … but Jewette Katz is a no show!! Hate speech is expression that jews hate!

Crusty jewish federal appointee tasked with muzzling goy who express themselves in a manner hated by jews.