Attorney Nancy Aldrich

Well Respected?

Blog star jew judge of the Connecticut Family Court Gerard I. Adelman, the Dark Lord himself issued a ruling that the evil jew child trafficking court whore Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz is WELL RESPECTED! He further states that jew girl Jocelyn protects the best interests of Matthew, Mia, and Sawyer Ambrose who have not hugged their mother in two years while bleeding their college savings dry.… Read More »Well Respected?

The Adelman Shit Show

Here is a little exposure on the jewish form of trial court in the expensive process of obtaining a ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut. Christopher Ambrose is now in his 95th week of pursuing the elusive ‘no-fault’ divorce, as such protracted litigation goes along with having family savings and jewish lawyers. The more money, the longer the jews take to decide how to issue the ‘no-fault’… Read More »The Adelman Shit Show

Jewish Contempt!

What better way to undermine the Bill of Rights than for a jewish lawyer to plead to a jewish judge a claim of ‘contempt’ against a mother who exercises First and Fourth Amendment protections. The jews of Connecticut Family Court are so sloppy these days, they don’t even try to hide the Talmudic antics in the Rabbinical Court formerly known as the Superior Court. Oi… Read More »Jewish Contempt!

Discovery Master!

Judge Gerard Adelman, the dark lord of the Connecticut Family Court appoints retired pedophile protecting Judge Elaine Gordon to hunt down freedom of expression! As usual, the now famous blog cannot make this shit up. The insanity of the Ambrose case hits an historic and unconstitutional high, in the name of obtaining a ‘no-fault’ divorce. The new twist is that the mother is so evil… Read More »Discovery Master!

Jew Jokeness

Time for some blog famous word salad to highlight the antics of the Connecticut family court in its constant efforts to fool the goy that the rule of law exists. We start with the constitutional term of ‘due process’, that special procedural path which upholds liberty and protects the rights of all. When the racketeers of the Bar get hold of it, the term morphs… Read More »Jew Jokeness

Close the courtroom!!

Scary words, free expression, public scrutiny, lions and tigers and bears … oh no!!! Pay attention to the man on the screen, not the man behind the curtain! Welcome to the matrix of Oz. Our enlightened society witnessed another example of how the racketeers of the Connecticut Bar Association conspire to defeat the First Amendment and the right of a sovereign people of scrutiny of… Read More »Close the courtroom!!

State Intervention!

Connecticut’s black Commissioner of Children and Families takes on the white supremacy of family court over what is ‘best’ for children. A black on white cat fight between a white jew judge and a black social worker, the State of Connecticut is at odds with itself over children, a shit show of state actors victimizing kids. The family court bully judge of Bridgeport, the blog… Read More »State Intervention!

Westport Whore: Nancy Aldrich

In the lecherous den of Connecticut divorce attorneys, the client’s wallet makes all the difference in selecting the latest model BMW or a used Honda Civic. Attorney Nancy Aldrich of Westport knows exactly how to play the less-than-complicated ‘no-fault’ divorce practice, ensuring she is not seen in a rusted out used car. There is no legal expertise needed to obtain a ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut,… Read More »Westport Whore: Nancy Aldrich

Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D

Meet another jew with an attitude, a hatred of Christian motherhood, a demented desire to harm children and a love for money; Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, a self appointed expert on goy children, adored by jew judges and lawyers of the Connecticut family court for her ability to espouse kike opinions to undermine the concept of family in a Christian society. Jessica is the star… Read More »Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D

Madman: Christopher Ambrose

Another story of a madman, his lawyer and too much money. Meet Christopher Ambrose, a demented narcissist, self-denying homosexual, with less than high school level of maturity, masquerading as a father of three, special needs, adopted children, whom he enjoys torturing with the aid of his expensive lawyer, and doting GAL, in the perverted family court of Connecticut, before Judge Jane Grossman. Christopher now lives… Read More »Madman: Christopher Ambrose