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Con Artist: Attorney Mary Brigham

    GAL scam. Judges run the racket, lawyers are the hustlers, parents are the marks. No billing limit, no specifics. Court sponsored extortion.


      Attorney Michael Fasano discovers there is Free Speech in America and it is on the internet.

      A Mother’s Duty

        Mother hands judge invitation to get off the case in protection of her child.

        Julie R. Fasano, Esq.

          Caring and honest Attorney Julie R. Fasano harasses a mother in effort to traffick the kids for revenue from demented father. An inhumane act being hallmark of family court legal abuse. But did she just sell out her client? Stay tuned.

          Spotlight: Judge Schofield

            How Judge Marielouise Schofield of Connecticut Family Court skillfully employs the GAL to inflame litigation for the enrichment of court players. Traffick the kids to make money for low life lawyers of the cesspool.

            Publicity: Price Of Litigation

              Family Court drama is a spectator sport. Litigation brings attention and judicial hanki-panki brings public scrutiny. But Matthew Couloute wants a private courtroom for his drama.

              Substantial v Material

                How the chosen ones use meaningless words to establish a rule of law for which only they understand…or not. Discretion holds no limits.

                Cancerous Cunt Brigham…at it again!

                  Another example of lawyers engaging in fictitious post judgment litigation to line their pockets. Cancerous Mary Brigham conspires with Michael Fasano in failed attempt to steal the kids and erase mom.