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Substantial v Material

Ready for some chosen word salad?  How about some alphabet soup?  Welcome to the smoke and mirrors game of family law.  Confusing by design, clouded on purpose, all funded with state and federal money to make your life a living hell.  Lawyers and judges love it; you don’t matter.

In order to change the judgement of a financial order, there must be a ‘substantial change’ in circumstances of the parties.  A bit of smoke blown up your ass to ensure nothing is simple, clear or understandable.  This undefined bit of word lettuce is written in state statute 46b-86 Modification of support and alimony, where the court must be shown a substantial change in circumstance of a party.  Don’t look for any clear explanation of how a party undergoes substantial change or what constitutes your circumstance, that is just Talmud discretion.

To confuse the matter more perfectly, if your undefined circumstances ‘deviate’ from a guideline by less than 15% is not substantial.  Such is called a rebuttal presumption, just in case you were butting your head against the wall.  No you are not stupid, the overlords are fucking with your head.  A 5% pay raise is substantial, but not to jews who toss the word salad for the goyim.

Let’s examine the ‘material’ change of circumstances required to modify the custody judgement.  What is a material change which affects your kids?  No one knows, just more alphabet soup of the chosen ones.  This mystery concept is not cast in statute; 46b-56 custody orders, is devoid of requisite ‘material’ change barrier to modifying orders concerning a child.  Again, the chosen discretion rules the bench, not rule of law.  Nothing in the practice book either.  No definition is provided, but the judge will have some reason to find you don’t have a material change.  Or perhaps you don’t even have circumstances.  Like a court rule, but not approved by the Rules Committee.  Only a jew could equate material to matters relating to a gentile child.  Materialism is not a christian concept regarding children.  Jewdicial discretion will be upheld in family court where the judge orders a child roasted on a spit and served with coleslaw in the court lobby.

The English language can be exacting and precise; when it is confusing and undefined, there is a sinister element in the composition.  Here we see the dark hand of the chosen ones working to confuse society.  Clear purpose to defeat the rule of law and leave the destruction of your family up to the monster in black without care for equality.  The court demonstrates its illegitimacy in a civilized society; Elliott N. Solomon and his pals want it that way.

This is just un-American…..not that Elliott is a patriot to begin with.  Another white niggah substantially destroying christian values per the Talmud, under the color of law.


Judge Elliot N Solomon, jew of jews in Connecticut family court