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Jews, Jews and more Jews

The now-famous Blog highlights the jewish ideology permeating the anti-Christian drama of Kassenoff v Kassenoff in Westchester, NY recited in a jewish post in FrankReport, repeated below.

Jewish Sociologist: Jewish Family Court Waged War on the Moser Catherine Kassenoff

FR is still waiting for confirmation of Catherine Kassenoff’s death.

Catherine Kassenoff is the daughter of the late Dr. Nazih Youssef, an oncologist. He was also a Coptic Christian, born in Egypt. Yousseff moved to England, where he met his wife, Heather Ann. The couple emigrated to Canada, where Catherine was born [1969] and finally to the USA in 1977. Catherine married an Orthodox Jew, Allan Kassenoff, who was four years younger than her. And Catherine converted to Judaism. After the couple had children, Catherine renounced her conversion and began to introduce the girls to the Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas. One of Allan’s supporters told Frank Report:

Catherine converted to Judaism. She not only converted, she did an Orthodox conversion. Right after, when they lived in Brooklyn, she went to services on Shabbat. It was only after they had children did Catherine decide to renounce her conversion and begin to introduce Christian holidays to the girls behind Allan’s back. She was no wallflower. She’s a scheming woman who would do whatever she wanted to get whatever she wanted.

A friend of Catherine’s told Frank Report something opposite:

Catherine did convert to Judaism and later decided that it wasn’t right for her. It had nothing to do with scheming or lying. The holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc) were not celebrated behind Allan’s back. At the New Rochelle house, they had a xmas tree, presents, etc. Allan seemed fine with it.

There was tension over religion, no doubt. The visitation supervisor, whom the court required to monitor every word between mother and child, social worker Jennifer Cully, wrote in her December 27, 2022 report for the court:

During the girls’ extreme acting out, both younger girls screamed comments about not having a Christmas visit as they are Jewish. This fits into comments Ally has shared with this writer about feeling a great deal of pressure for choosing to have unsupervised visits with her mom. She stated that the small Christmas tree she had asked for from her mother for her own room was not allowed in the house and has remained on the front porch since she received it per her father’s directives. Ally stated that she was made to throw out the leftovers she had brought home from a previous dinner with her mom as the meal was not Kosher.

Dr. Amy Neustein, Ph.D., an authority in speech technology and preventing child sexual abuse, presents another idea in the family court case of Kassenoff v Kassenoff. That it was not money alone that actuated the family court actors in this vicious battle. It was religion used in the most harmful way. Dr. Neustein, who is Jewish, established HURT (Help Us Regain The Children), a legal research and advocacy center dedicated to exposing the flaws within the family court system. She has provided expert witness testimony in child abuse/custody cases, and in 2005, Dr. Neustein co-authored with attorney Michael Lesher the landmark book From Madness to Mutiny. This groundbreaking work, published as the lead title of the University Press of New England and part of Northeastern University’s Gender, Crime, and Law Series, shed light on the woeful injustices of the jury-less, judicial, tyrannical, family court system.

Jews make up 2.2 percent of the US population and 14 percent of Westchester County, but as Dr. Neustein points out, Jews seemed to have had nearly 100 percent control of the custody war between Orthodox Jew Allan Kassenoff and his Egyptian Christian wife, Catherine, who went through the elaborate conversion to Judaism and then renounced it to return to Christianity.

Some might think it is anti-Semitic to publish a Jewish Ph.D., an expert in her field, pointing this out, and making an appeal to Jewish men who marry non-Jewish women to stop using the family court to “de-motherize” the mothers of their children. Those who wish to oppose and claim her voice should not be heard are invited to make a response. And if anywhere a group of Christians, or Muslims, or any people aligned with common interest combined to take custody away from a Jewish father, or anyone, those who point it out would have a voice and should be heard.

By Dr. Amy Neustein

It is with great pain that I write this column. My intent is not to offend my fellow Jews. My late father was a prominent Orthodox Jewish rabbi. I write this piece because I know the damage done by silence is far worse than confronting the truth. A mother who was tormented and tortured is now dead. I am a Jew and I am responsible for the actions of my fellow Jews. I am my brother’s keeper. I ask for my fellow Jews to join me in bringing about a healthy change. I received permission from a rabbi to write this piece, below. I felt from Allan Kassenoff’s emails shared with the public that he had a sense of angst that he’d lose his progeny in a divorce. He was fighting for the future as well as for his past – his heritage, his tradition, his identity. I also perceived a possible sense of unconscious guilt or shame in his marriage choice. In fact, he came out with it in that famous car door slamming video scene!

Coming from an Orthodox background, Allan crossed into a foreign world when he married Catherine, a shiksa (Yiddish for a non-Jewish woman) and a woman whose father came from an Arab-speaking country that wanted, during Egypt’s Gamel Abder Nassar’s administration, to “drive Israel into the sea.” Gamel Nassar was no friend to the Jewish people….

Like most Jewish men who married shiksas, they felt if the marriage went bad that they wasted their seed on a Christian. However, he did everything properly by insisting on an Orthodox conversion. The conversion process required Catherine to study the Torah for at least two years and, when completed, to take off all her clothes and immerse herself in a Mikvah (ritual bath with one-fortieth of natural rainwater according to Talmudic precepts) in front of a panel of three Orthodox rabbis to watch her to make sure the water was above her head in order to qualify as a kosher conversion.

She lit Sabbath candles and attended Shabbat dinners and Shabbat services. But one could easily opine that when she learned of his alleged affairs and was subject to suspected beatings, including hospitalization for a fistful of grass and mud that caused trauma and infection to her eye, and when her husband sang a song, not a sacred Jewish song, but a sick nursery rhyme calling the mother of his children “a dead duck,” she eschewed the Jewish faith and clung to her memories of Jesus Christ. She bonded with her daughters and wanted to share that anchor in Christ with them. She was beaten, arrested, evicted, and left bereft of her children.

Yes, yes, yes, the shiksa, once he was through with her in the bed (every Jewish woman knows she can never compete with a man’s desires for a shiksa because they are known to be accommodating in certain ways, whereas Jewish women generally are not) is deserving of beatings, arrest, eviction, and seizing her children from her breast. Catherine was an apostate and deserved the four plagues, and she was an informant (Moser) – against her Jewish husband for speaking to CPS, a non Jewish government-funded agency. The Talmud says the informant should be murdered at the earliest opportunity.

Catherine wrote, “On December 20, 2021, despite Judge Lubell’s earlier recusal, he issued what can only be described as a retaliatory ruling to further restrict (Catherine’s) access tie with the Children at Christmas time and thereafter. (Catherine) was given no contact whatsoever with the Children for Christmas, which was devastating to her.” This was done to save Allan’s Jewish progeny, and Judge Lewis Lubell and his coterie knew the UNSPOKEN agenda here.

The People Who Took Catherine Out of Her Children’s Lives

I will be discreet but you all know why you took the girls away from her and how you had the alacritous help of a Jewish judge, Jewish therapists, Jewish law guardian, and a Jewish custody evaluator and his replacement, who is the training director at a Jewish agency. Since there was no history of mental illness with Catherine, nor any evidence that she failed to feed, clothe, educate, and provide proper medical care for the children, the motives smack of prejudice and nothing more.

Jewish Judge Lewis Lubell ruled Catherine can’t be with her children alone even for five minutes, and she had to move out of the house she owned immediately 

Jewish attorney for children, Carol Most, [short probably for Mostofsky or Mostel] her role was to advocate for the children… and she pushed for Catherine to be separated from her children….

The Jewish custody evaluator, Dr. Marc Abrams. He pushed hard to push Catherine out of her children’s lives, writing a report that Catherine should never be alone unsupervised with her children – despite raising them for 10 years – most often alone.

The Jewish psychologist, Dr. Susan Adler, therapist for the children, who worked to convince the children that their mother should not be in their lives. 

Kathleen McKay, the second custody evaluator, works as the training director for the Westchester Jewish Community Center. Dr. McKay not only pushed for Catherine to not have a relationship with her children, but went further. After the visitation supervisor, Jennifer Culley, wrote reports supporting Catherine and suggesting Allan Kassenoff alienated the children against her, Dr. McKay wrote that Catherine should not even have any supervised visits with her children. She told the Court that Catherine should NEVER see her children while she remained on earth. 

I know of many Christian mothers whose children were taken away by their Jewish husbands and turned brutally against them. She had the vehicle of a corrupt family court against her.

Judge Lewis Lubell officiating ‘neutral’ custody evaluator Dr. Marc Abrams’ wedding

The Family Court players all recommended the de-motherizing of Catherine. This was not just about money. This was a religious war against Catherine, who was crucified and ended her life as a result. Not only is Judge Lubell a Jew, but he is very much identified with Jewish themes, such as Holocaust remembrance. Lewis Lubell was a keynote speaker on a program with all Jews sponsored by Chabad (Lubavitch) — the world’s largest Hasidic organization. Chabad apparently cozies up to Jewish judges to secure favors on all fronts, from adult guardianship to child custody.

Here is another event where Lubell was a keynote speaker. All the speakers are Jewish at this event.

Judge Lubell at a Holocaust remembrance event.

The second custody evaluator Dr. Kathleen McKay works for Weschester Jewish Commuity Center, which proudly states of their website that their entire agency is founded on the Jewish precept of “Tikkun Olam” (correcting/repairing the world). Mesirah is the action in which one Jew reports the conduct of another Jew to a non-rabbinic (“goyisha” – a non Jewish) authority, in a manner and under the circumstances forbidden by rabbinic law. The term for an individual who commits mesirah is moser . A person who repeatedly violates this law by informing on his fellow Jews is considered subject to “Din Moser” (law of the informer) and it prescribes death for the offender. The ban comes from the Bava Kamma section of the Babylonian Talmud and is discussed in Babylonian Talmud, by Rambam and in Shulchan Aruch. Maimonides states:

Whoever adjudicates in a non-Jewish court … is wicked and it is as though he has reviled, blasphemed and rebelled against the law of Moses.

Maimonides further explains: “It is forbidden to hand over a Jew to the heathen, neither his person nor his goods, even if he is wicked and a sinner, even if he causes distress and pain to fellow-Jews. Whoever hands over a Jew to the heathen has no part in the next world. It is permitted to kill a moser (informant) wherever he is. It is even permitted to kill him before he has handed over (a fellow Jew).”

Catherine is DEAD, and her story will NEVER fade!!

She will bring about redemption for ALL afflicted and persecuted mothers and children. Now I ask the Kassenoff crowd to be kind and ask an Orthodox rabbi and an interfaith panel to help the children. They will learn their mother was a martyr – killed because she taught Christianity to her children “behind Allan’s back.” What did she teach that was so bad? Love, kindness, and caring for all. Please help bring an end to this suffering.

I pray no Jewish man ever again drives his Christian wife to suicide. We can make it stop! I beg the Jewish men to allow their shiksa ex-wives to see their children. I know many Christian mothers were salivating and yearning to see their children fathered by Jewish men. Is it not hypocritical to expunge a mother from the lives of her children, and then to blame her for killing herself, claiming her children will be without a mother? Thousands of mothers have been bereft of their children, who have been severely brainwashed against their mothers due to the corrupt family court. Thus, if their mothers would die of suicide, it wouldn’t bother the children one iota because they are already turned against them. The children were torn from their mothers at a young age, and learned to identify with the aggressor and winner in the family courts.It’s mere lip service and utter hypocrisy to say that Catherine damaged her children by taking her life, because the love they had for her was ALREADY obliterated by the Kassenoff Klan and their Jewish auxiliaries in the family court. They succeeded in wiping out any love the child had for their mother. I’m afraid we cannot escape the social reality that demographics and religion played a big role in this case. In Catherine’s FB post, she wrote how much she longed to share Christ with her daughters, at least for them to know that she was Christian.

Allan and Catherine-Kassenoff

He can’t simultaneously enjoy the flesh, yet expel her Christ in her — and throw her out into the street and take her children from her breast. And then arrest her THREE times for yearning to see her children. Those who persecuted Catherine will live to see the ire of those in America and Europe for the Kassenoff Klan. I understand that discourse on the mangling and murdering of this Christian woman by her Jewish lawyer husband has already begun in Switzerland, England, Holland and beyond. I heard it here in America. It hurts me very much. If I remain silent, it won’t stop. But if I confront it and show compassion for the other Catherines crucified by the family courts, then maybe we can come together to end this scourge.

Editor’s Note:  Don’t marry a jew! Family court is a rabbinical court, devoid of constitutional protections.