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Chris Ambrose unglued!

Blog provides an insight into the dysfunctional brain of Christopher Ambrose by sharing his requested relief in the dissolution of his marriage before Judge Gerard Adelman. His proposed orders, absent his attorney’s endorsement can be read here.

Blog highlights the delusions of Chris Ambrose and his desire to use the children, Mia, Matthew, Sawyer as weapons to satisfy his personal vendetta of hatred towards a mother. Christopher Ambrose is a sick and twisted individual of great Blog interest.

Psycho man demands sole physical and legal custody of three children which he has no income to support, for the pleasure of keeping the kids caged, isolated from friends and family and to never, ever, ever, hug their mother again. Such a caring man! No visitation with mom, ever! Psycho nutman specifies NO CONTACT, not a Christmas card, not a phone call, not even a text message between mother and children. Christopher sez it is in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Christopher’s psychosis manifests in his request that Adelman,J issue an order that mom cannot come within one mile of his house at 381 Horsepond Road in Madison. He must keep the children safe!!! No Uber taxis can drive by the house, lest one might stop and pickup the kids, taking them to a happier home, a better place, where they don’t have to put up with the bullshit of gay daddy and his BarberShop pals. Daddy will be forever looking over his shoulder for a kidnapper lurking in the bushes, because hey the kids really don’t want to live with him in the first place, so he must protect them! Christopher blames mother for global warming and the fact that cash loving court whores feel threatened, as shadows contain darkness and evil that might spring out to the demise of GALs, evaluators, therapists, fellow paedophiles, even his jewish lawyer, the Whore of Westport. Being scared is intimidation and harassment caused by others and Chris Ambrose is always the victim.

In order to malign mother even further, he requests that the she be subject to therapy applied only by jews like Dr. Robert Horwitz on the recommendation of jew Dr. Jessica Caverly, because jews are best for mothers who need to be cut out of the lives of the children. Jews know best, just ask Judge Adelman and Judge Grossman. Tight wad gay boy refuses to pay alimony, he is unemployed but wants child support payments from mom, greedy sick pedo bastard wants her to pay to feed kids that she cannot hug … now that is jewish ideology! Chris wants to keep all the money, like a true jew he really is deep down.

Next Chris goes on to blame the now-famous Blog and other forms of free expression for the fact that no one will hire the asshole, because he is simply an asshole who squandered family assets to promote hatred for his children and their mother. His writing of blaming everyone but himself, asking the court to feel sorry for him, really shows the dysfunctional thought processes … an untreated psychosis, a mixture of persecution and grandeur. He even wants the court to order the internet ‘scrubbed’ of content about the bizarre behaviour of Chris Ambrose. The boy is nuts! Even the internet is out to get him!!!

It is truly a sad thing to read the proposed orders, 12 pages of rambling incoherent prose that reveals a madman, more concerned about keeping money, punishing mother, blaming others, than about caring for children. In the end, he will die alone, his own kids will not attend the funeral, his legacy will be the enormous fees paid Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz and Jessica Caverly to destroy three children, gifts from God. He will rot in hell for eternity.

A demented individual will die alone, his kids won’t care, he will be remembered for enriching the jews who destroyed everything that was important in his life. He will rot in hell for eternity. Blog won’t even run an obit.

Publicity is the price paid for litigation.

Judge Lynda Munro