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Connecticut Speech Police

The jews who control the State of Connecticut have redefined speech for the peasants they rule. The high court, under the very black leadership of Chief Justice Richard Robinson decided today that black people are so oppressed that referring to them as ‘niggers’ is no longer protected speech under the First Amendment. According to fucking nigger boy Robinson’s court, you will be jailed for calling him a fucking nigger, as it is jewdicially equal to slapping him in the face and causing him direct and immediate injury. Now shut up and get in the boxcar!

The Connecticut Supreme Court’s new opinion finds that the word ‘nigger’ is now the nastiest, meanest, foulest, cruelest word in the English language. The court explains that ‘nigger’ is a viciously hostile epithet, which has deep roots in this nation’s long and deplorable history of racial bigotry and discrimination, is used by a white person with the intent of demeaning and humiliating an African-American person. Got that? Only a white person can create unprotected speech by calling a nigger a nigger. A nigger who calls another nigger a nigger is exercising free speech, protected by the First Amendment. Note that the decision written by white boy Judge Richard Palmer repeats the word ‘nigger’ thirty-six times. Palmer is the faggot pal of Judge Chatigny, another nutmeg grown deviant who sits on the federal bench, both are pedo protectors of the state ring. The court of the nigger decision consists of niggers Robinson and Mullins, faggots Palmer and McDonald, jews Kahn and Ecker, with vanilla cracker D’Auria tossed in for flavor. Pretty much all certified anarchists who have painted ‘black lives matter’ on Capitol Avenue to show their collective democratic affiliation and love for jack asses.

The court has established itself as the new speech police for what white folk can say to ‘African-Americans’. That was once called censorship and prior restraint, but now it is foundation of law. The white man must be sensitive of the black man’s tender feelings. To wit: “No fact is more generally known than that a white man who calls a black man a ‘nigger’ will hurt and anger the black man and often provoke him to confront the white man and retaliate. The word being one of insult, abuse and belittlement harking back to slavery days; it is uniquely expressive of racial hatred and bigotry.” Whatever happened to the playground chant: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? Replaced by the new American ideology of ‘victimhood’. For a bunch of niggers who never picked cotton to be protected from speech by white folk who never owned slaves, today’s ruling out of Corrupticut shows how deep the jews have their hooks into American jurisprudence. Seven jewdicial miscreants have predicted the violent response of black folk when addressed as ‘fucking nigger’ by a white boy … inciting a race war? You bet, right out of the Talmud, how to fuck up the host society.

The trickery applied by the court of niggers, jews, and fags is the application of the jewish version of the ‘reasonable person’. Justice now declares that the ‘reasonable person’ would conclude that calling a fucking nigger a nigger for painting Black Lives Matter on your neighborhood street would result in a violent reaction by the fucking nigger, therefore, the speech must be criminalized, but only for whitey. The same ‘reasonable person’ would find it o.k. for a nigger to call another nigger a ‘fucking nigger’. See how the logic of the chosen overlords works to destroy the host society? Brilliant shit, but obvious jewish shit.

Needless to say, this is a test case to open the path to criminalizing ‘anti-semitic’ speech, as the same reasoning of the reasonable person will find calling a jew a kike will bring up memories of the holocaust resulting in a violent response, justifying criminalizing criticism of Israel. The new legal logic advanced by the Connecticut jews is that if the listener hates the speaker’s speech, the speaker goes in the boxcar. Simple!

Back in 1929, SCOTUS upheld that the First Amendment protects the expression of that which we hate. But the Connecticut black robed jews are relying on a NJ high court ruling, which claims in dicta that ‘nigger’ is a slap in the face being instant injury, but nothing about criminal conduct. The NJ high court slipped this in by quoting an article from the Duke Law Journal. Tricky jews!!! In Charles R. Lawrence III, If He Hollers Let Him Go: Regulating Racist Speech on Campus, 1990 Duke L.J. 431, 452 (1990) “The experience of being called ‘nigger’, ‘spic’, ‘Jap’, or ‘kike’ is like receiving a slap in the face. The injury is instantaneous.” Just a nigger’s opinion. See how the Connecticut court used dicta from a discrimination case in NJ from an irrelevant article about regulating speech on a college campus to create new case law for the peasants of Connecticut, leaving the door open to jail the goy for using label ‘kike’. You never saw that coming!!! Jew trickery is tricky….keep an eye on it. Note that the law journal article involved the assistance of the jewish ACLU. Jews everywhere!!

Recognize that nigger boy Charles R. Lawrence is jumping for joy that his political theories on race and speech have been endorsed by the jews, niggers, and gays of the Connecticut Supreme Court. Lawrence is a Yale Law grad, Class of ’69. He expresses his personal opinions of undermining the First Amendment with books titled Words That Wound: Critical Race Theory, Assaultive Speech and The First Amendment. Looks like Palmer’s opinion is a simple endorsement of Lawrence’s victimhood theories, creating a class of unprotected speech for the protection of a nigger. Yep, words now cause wounds and must be regulated. Get in the boxcar, now!!!

The court finds ‘nigger’ to be demeaning, but ‘fucking nigger’ is so powerfully offensive that it invokes cruel injury, having ugly effects that haunt us all. Now the court is speaking for you too!! You are haunted by seeing niggers burn cities under the guise of Black Lives Matter. Are you haunted? The court is following the Marxist script in race baiting. Holding a sign stating Niggers Don’t Matter at a political rally protesting the damage done by Black Lives Matter is now criminal speech. Read the ridiculous decision here. Read a silly opinion on fighting words doctrine by Kahn here. Read jew Ecker’s opinion on the new hate speech here. Read the lower appellate decisions here and here. Hilarious shit!!!

You did not even see that coming, did you!! A spat over a parking ticket results in jewdicial attack on the First Amendment. Only in Connecticut, cesspool of jewery where the Democratic Party works to create ‘hate speech’ to jail you and silence your opinion of jews. Keep your powder dry and stock up on .308 ball ammunition … gonna need it.

Fucking Nigger! Palmer enemy of free speech!
Fucking nigger democrats!!!
Critical race theory of law: One move and the nigger gets it, by the nigger. Connecticut has banned Blazing Saddles!!!