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Houston, we have a problem!

Another test of the Connecticut Talmud is about to erupt in the case of our favourite addicted surgeon, Dr. Shawn Tittle, MD.  A self established psychopath, loving narcissist and Taco Bell hit and run driver.  This failed example of manhood was stroked by elite insider family court divorce lawyer Rosemary E. Giuliano and his wallet picked clean from the cost of premium legal services of isolating two children from their mother.  Well, the two kids he has use for.  He abandoned his first child a long time ago in Michigan.

The last five years of the the Dr. Tittle case has seen the true colors of Judge Lynda Munro’s jewish destruction of families for the benefit of pedophiles, lawyers and GALs.  Munro, a deviant human miscreant who relishes on inflicting inhumane pain and suffering on children will have her evil orders scrutinized by the Texas cowboys of Harris County District Court…..Houston, we have a problem!!!  Don’t think Texans are going to appreciate Connecticut’s abuse of children and maligning protective mothers.  Afterall, what is Dr. Tittle doing to these kids that he does not want the mother or anyone else to know about?

Our boy Dr. Tittle left Connecticut to take up residence in Houston, along with two children and his third wife.  He left Danbury Hospital and the protective pedo trafficking jurisdiction of Connecticut Pedo Utopia, but continued to isolate the children from their mother.  No phone calls, no visits, no Christmas, no holidays.  What a guy!!!  Cattlemen disapprove.  But he is a surgeon for Houston Methodist Hospital   A doctor that really cares about patients but won’t let his kids know their mother.

So the jewdicial discretion of Judge Lynda Munro will face the Texas court as to why two Texan kids can’t hug their mom?  Texas cowboy law vs. Connecticut pedo law.  Not looking good for the Nutmeggers.

The case is of great interest as the CT Family Court mafia did a big favor to keep Dr. Tittle’s kids away from their mom.  Laws were broken, bribes paid, kickbacks promised, false arrests by police; all to traffick two kids.  Common theme in Munro’s cases is a little boy.  The bills are huge and still unpaid.  Attorney Giuliano is still waiting to collect a few hundred thousand, much of which has to be slipped under the table to Judges Munro, Resha, Cutsumpas, Murphy and of course to the head dyke Elizabeth Bozzuto.  To traffick a little boy it takes more than a village, it takes the judiciary.  GAL Mary Brigham is out over fifty thousand as well.  So what happens when Texas disapproves of the Connecticut pedo handy work and tosses the Munro isolation orders?  Mom and kids are reunited by the Texas standard possession order (SPO).  Dr. Tittle paid dearly to isolate the kids from mom.  What will the ramifications be?  Will the good Doctor rat out Munro and pals as her orders don’t work outside the pedo utopia?  What will the feds say?

Stay tuned folks, exposure is coming.  Munro’s pedo trafficking game is going up against the Texas cowboys.

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