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Psycho GAL

The now-famous Blog spotlights psycho guardian ad litem Sue Cousineau of Middletown, Connecticut for needing heavy duty psychotropic medication to keep her mental derangement in check, allowing her to properly function in fucking over families as appointed by jewdicial authorities in rape of childhood and plunder of family bank. Sue is so mentally deranged, she cannot properly rape and plunder absent heavy medication designed to make her appear normal to unsuspecting parents and children. The jewdiciary is well aware of Sue’s mental disability, major depressive disorder, preventing her from acting with empathy in respect of parent-child bonds. The monsters in black robes personally approve all miscreants on the statewide GAL list. Such rigorous oversight of these child predators ensures proper representation of ‘best interests’; concealing the heavy doses of psychotropic medication keeping Sue functioning is mere deceit by nigger boy Richard Robinson and his band of paedophiles known as ‘family division’ of Superior Court. Exposing Sue for being a medicated, mentally deranged child predator has already upset Dark Lord Gerard Adelman, who went batshit crazy on father Stephan Chabak for discovering the medicated nature of the mentally defective court appointee. Dad tried to get rid of Sue in December ’21 but paedo protector Judge Michael Albis refused, as protecting mentally defective attorneys to rape childhood is a court delicacy. Sue is so unstable that she had to call four status conferences in six months just to show her love for family bank, or her brain was misfiring, or she just needed cash, hard to tell, maybe the price of Trintellix requires more billable hours lest her body be consumed by Dorian Gray’s portrait.

Sue Cousineau and her dykish pal Sharon Dornfeld were co-chairs of the family rape commission back in 2013, trusted demonic foot soldiers directed by jewdicial masters to publicly scold ‘disgruntled family court litigants’ for questioning state rape of childhood; double billing is Sue’s specialty!

How does a medicated psycho nut-job, dependent on serotonin regulation by Trintellix dosing, end up on the ‘approved‘ list of family GAL rapists? Oh, wait, she is not on the list!! Despite not being listed to rape, plunder, and loot, she holds the trust and confidence of the jewdiciary to totally fuck over a family with disassociated, mentally defective, over medicated recommendations in destruction of childhoods, where the monsters in black trust her to deliver untraceable, tax free gratuities to appointing jewdicial authorities; Albis does love her. Even Adelman goes out of his way to malign anyone who suggests the heavy psychotropic stabilizing medication is cause to question her recommendations on severing parent-child bonds, covering up child sexual abuse, protecting paedophiles; after all, she is under the care of a psychiatrist who likes little boys too! Now let that sink in for a minute:  a GAL, under psychiatric treatment, requiring heavy medication for a mental defect, while destroying your family for shekels. Has Judge Albis gone mad? Is he medicated too? Is he off his meds? What is going on in family court? Children subject to harm by opinions of diseased brains on mind altering medication, acting with absolute immunity where crazy is the new standard of care?

Editor’s Note:  There is public interest in state use of heavily medicated, diseased minds, in protecting a child’s best interest, it is a First Amendment right to scrutiny, it is ‘we the people’s duty’ under the Constitution to check the jewdiciary and all its demented minions who prey on children.

A GAL’s true portrait, Dorian Gray haunts the courts.