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Federal Showdown

Connecticut’s Judge Thomas Moukawsher sued in federal court for violation of constitutional rights! The self-chosen nutmeg jewdicial elitists face reality of the U.S. Constitution, a federal court holds jurisdiction over rogue state actors who deprive citizens’ rights of due process and equal protection. Oi vey!

U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden presides over claim of unconstitutional summary disbarment by state clown Thomas Moukawsher, jury trial demanded, for due process violation of rogue judge torching a lawyer for disliked advocacy; tyranny wears black robes.  Bring popcorn!  Blog star Robert Deichert, of AG Willie Tong’s office embarrasses a sovereign people arguing in defense of tyrannical conduct of Moukawsher, defying the Bill of Rights! So much for the CONSTITUTION STATE! When the Attorney General is a commie chink of Marxist beliefs, everything swirls down the drain. The suit brought by burned attorney, scorched while advocating for mother’s right to hug children, paints the jewdiciary black for rules and procedures of constitutional trespass, fingering Mouk in deprivation of rights, calling out CJ Robinson’s failure to properly manage the Branch, state paycheck sponges of disciplinary counsel also implicated in disbarment conspiracy. Read the suit here.

The suit points out the constitutional failure of Mouk’s actions came before CJ Robinson by public interest, a cause of action to fix state incompetence, but Justice McDonald gaylee dismisses it, obviously not interested fixing due process failures, nailing Tong to the wall, the high court failing to act on Mouk’s impropriety, condoning nutmeg tyranny, paving the way for a federal ruling on Connecticut’s tyrannical misconduct.

Blog spectator department anticipates some really stupid shit out of miscreant AAG Deichert, who advocates for retarded judges torching attorneys on disliked zealous advocacy; how nutmeg jews roll, not giving a shit for rule of law nor due process, undoubtedly leading to legislative screams for IMPEACHMENT of commie chink Tong. Spotlight falls on the jewdicial delicacy of isolating children from mothers in family court, a state claim of best interest for attorney fees, being an affront to SCOTUS ruling confirming parent-child bonds are fundamental liberty interests, protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, same two Moukawsher violates. Bring lots of popcorn!!

As two judges of the family court are before the federal court for deprivation of civil rights, TAMMY! and Moukawsher, the now-famous Blog asks where is the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut?  The very black, very ignorant, puppet like figure pretending to be a federal  law enforcement official, failing to act on illegal conduct by state jewdicial actors. Home grown minority stupid black thing Vanessa Roberts Avery sits on her dumb ass, protecting corrupt state officials. Common theme is being these actors are on jewish puppet strings, sacrificing ‘we the people‘ and our children  to an alien ideology for a private agenda, lurking in the shadows, leaving only the Second Amendment to protect life, liberty, and pursuit all who threaten it. Dry powder and shot defends the Constitution from domestic enemies, calibre is Patriot discretion.

Grand constitutional entertainment enters USDJ Bolden’s courtroom in Bridgeport where the Constitution State will argue against the Constitution … only commie chink Tong can do this!

Domestic enemies of the Constitution draw attention to themselves.

US Attorney D. Connecticut Vanessa Roberts Avery, asleep at her desk, while tyranny rules her district, no civil rights enforcement by this nigger, just childhood rape and family plunder by white folk on white folk.