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The great grey ponytail of Connecticut has been snipped by SandyHoax jewdicial authority Barbara Bellis. Attorney Norm Pattis has been suspended from the practice of law in the cesspool for six months! Norm announces he will appeal, which takes at least two years, proving once again that howling at the moon provides better relief than Judge William Bright’s star chamber of affirming constitutional horrors. But the most bloglicious news is descriptors applied to Norm! by Judge Bellis.

The now-famous Blog finds Norm! to be a ‘giant of the profession’, the ‘last of the slash and burn trial lawyers’, ‘a voice of freedom’, a true champion of clients with cash, an over confident master of theatrics, whom all the judges hate, a loner, operating outside the controls of the jewdiciary, not a made player of the court mafia. Norm! is a blog star. No surprise that the jewdicial mafia has a hit out on him, a state snow plow is likely in his future.

The action of summary disbarment turns on inadvertent disclosure of a hard drive containing fabricated medical and financial records of the hoax actors who sued Alex Jones for his exercise of expression that SandyHoax is a hoax. This evidence, improperly concealed from public scrutiny by ‘protective order’ of Bellis defies trial procedure. The Hoaxsters sued claiming injury, supposedly proven by the records, but Judge Bellis concealed such evidence from a curious public in a public forum for no cause in law. Bellis is one of the Hoaxster actors. Bellis flogged Norm! for his heinous misconduct which caused no measurable harm to anyone.

Bellis finds Norm! is unfair and indecent, he alone causes unfairness in the jewdiciary, he is callous to the sensitive and personal information of the Hoaxsters, paid actors on a public stage in a public forum, who cannot provide evidence of any dead kids by sharpshooter Adam Lanza, there is no ‘acceptable excuse’ of Norm!’s misconduct, the old geezer has been practicing law for thirty years, being of substantial experience, but has no clue what is on the hard drive in question, he can’t even remember his email password, simply put, Norm! really pissed off Bellis, aggravating her hormonal imbalance, triggering hot flashes, by letting the lying cat out of the bag, further victimizing the aggrieved Hoaxsters in their vulnerable state of not being believed by any binge watching CSI fans, Bellis slaps Norm! for exercising his 5th Amendment right to remain silent, a constitutional protection, which Bellis rules silence admits guilt, Bellis finds Norm! to be SLOPPY, fails to exercise proper diligence as an officer of the court, is foul smelling and wears Keds sneakers, Bellis finds the ponytail ‘short’ on disclosure, noting his lack of good reputation, bad character, and body odor, Bellis finds no actual harm to the Hoaxsters, but finds potential harm to be STUNNING, Bellis finds Norm!’s mental state to be defective, willfully failing to safeguard the Hoaxster’s fabricated records, failing to play along with the Bellis hoax that evidence of harm shall be hidden from public scrutiny, where her court is a horror show of jewdicial discretion, rules of evidence do not apply, Norm! is found to be ANTITHETICAL and SUBVERSIVE to the proper administration of justice, that he alone has a CHILLING effect on discovery of hoaxes, that Norm! really did kidnap the Lindberg baby, Norm! is now punished for being UNFIT and UNSAFE to be an officer of the court, a danger to society, such condition expiring in six months, Bellis does not address her fabricated classification of the Hoaxster’s records:  ‘Highly Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only Documents’, official court records, evidence, concealed from the public, limited to viewing by only the eyes of attorneys, no legal definition exists for this ‘eyes only’ descriptor, but hey, it is nutmeg jewdiciary at its finest, Barbara Bozzo Bellis presiding, can’t make this shit up, given that these records are part of the court record for appeal, Bellis lacks authority to restrict them from appellate review, Bellis issues no sealing order, evidence in public forums is public, Bellis does not understand Anglo-American jurisprudence abhors secretive tribunals, what SCOTUS said a long time ago, Bellis slept thru law school, eschews case law, acts like an old cunt no one wants to fuck, takes it out on Norm!, Bellis further exposes her illicit drug use by finding clear and convincing evidence that Norm! did not use his appendage to CLAWBACK the cat that got out of the bag, Bellis fails to recognize Norm! as a qualified individual, suffering from disfigurement having no ‘claw’, for which ADA Title II requires accommodation for clawless individuals, Bellis finds Norm! cannot manage nor supervise subordinate lawyers, that his office is a mess, that his associates are underpaid, Bellis flatly rejects claim of inadvertent disclosure, finding Norm! acted willfully, maliciously, in defiance of Bellis’ wrath, thumbing his nose at her smelly twat, as she claims the evidence submitted is property of the Hoaxster’s, which Norm! failed to properly safeguard, as sensitive fabricated evidence is not to be scrutinized by a curious public watching Bellis embarrass a sovereign people by misuse of courts for a private agenda, Bellis does not get the concept of public scrutiny of court affairs, she thinks no one is on to her game, Bellis finds Norm! to be INCOMPETENT by clear and convincing evidence, as improper disclosure of ‘evidence’ causes the civil system to COLLAPSE, where Bellis fails to differentiate ‘sensitive’ evidence from insensitive evidence, the moving party holds burden to prove harm, but Bellis acts to conceal such claim from public scrutiny, very jewish, Bellis claims that the records proving harm were plaintiffs’ MOST PRIVATE INFORMATION, which gives one pause, as plaintiffs entered a public forum to lay bare their private injuries on how expression of a nationally shocking hoax defamed them, so like where is the privacy claim? Why is there a ‘protective order’ in a civil matter for the evidence plaintiffs present to prove harm? How does Bellis question the ‘trustworthiness’ of Norm! when she defiles the integrity of the court by concealing evidence required by the court to adjudicate plaintiffs’ claim? Anyone else see the flaw in Bellis’ logic? Does jewdicial mental defect create a mistrial for Alex Jones?

The procedural fault of Bellis is that her protective order could only exist under PB §13-5 to protect the Hoaxster plaintiff’s from EMBARRASSMENT, for which she could only seal the embarrassing records; privacy is not a protected criteria for the moving party. By reading the simple practice rule on discovery protective orders, the public sees clearly that Bellis was hiding plaintiff’s false claim of harm from public scrutiny, a First Amendment violation of jewdicial proportions, completely alien to Anglo-American jurisprudence. Bellis does not realize how her twisted games expose the hoax script, using the court as a propaganda stage to convince a doubting public of SandyHoax. Oi vey! Bellis’ puppet strings are showing.

Of course blog star comedian and state paycheck sponge Brian Staines, Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the Cesspool, failing to find harm in the underlying heinous crime of mishandling EYES ONLY secrets of the court, makes recommendation to snip the grey ponytail, as directed by his jewish masters, Staines ignores the classification of evidence that lies outside of practice rules, jewdicial discretion of the cesspool defeats due process, conspired by the court mafia engaged in promoting SandyHoax on a doubting public. Staines cannot spell due process.

Read Judge Barbara Bellis’ 49 pages of bullshit here, read Brian Staines’ directed opinion of horseshit here; recognize that the integrity of the Corrupticut court system is completely shredded, that the hoax is obvious, the $1.4B verdict in damages is a joke, that Barbara Bellis is not a judge, but a domestic terrorist working to undermine the people’s courts. See Blog’s post on SandyHoax.

Editor’s Note:  The jewdiciary of Connecticut violates due process by unconstitutional disbarment on whim of a hormonal hot mess on the bench, voiding state law on attorney discipline process, all based on CJ Andrews’ practice rule of 1890, usurping sovereign powers to allow summary disbarment, nigger boy Robinson cannot recognize deprivation of rights, nor can low life judges like Bellis understand the Bill of Rights; cesspool really stinks.

Judge Barbara Bellis, falsely creates EYES ONLY evidence in SandyHoax defamation trial.

Brian Staines, Chief Disciplinary Conspirator, gutting the rule of law, chilling advocacy, by order of his jewish masters.