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More Word Salad

The now-famous worst Blog highlights the disconnect between law and jewdicial practice in the armpit of Bridgeport Courthouse, before the less than honorable ‘spic Judge Eddie Rodriguez, who suffers from un-diagnosed mental impairment, manifesting cognitive dissonance, unable to comprehend plain meaning of statutes, opinion of case law, impairing ability to uphold rule of law, requiring attention under Canon Rule 2.14: Disability and Impairment. This is a no shitter, another lunatic on the bench.

Jew attorney Lisa Knopf brings forth application for a relief from physical abuse restraining order to protect manly dentist Dr. Frank Tiberi from the petite form of his soon to be ex-wife. Manly Frank swears under oath that he is in fear of physical harm from a petite woman, mother of his son, manly Frank is a victim of continued physical injury by a frail little female. Frank and Lisa are liars, typical game in rabbinical family court of Connecticut. Jew Judge Lisa Grasso-Egan gladly grants the ex-parte application, fueling conflict being a jew delicacy of billable hours. Judge Eddie Rodriquez holds a hearing to prove the court is a joke.

CGS §46b-15 is a very specific statute, narrowly defined to only grant an order when there is clear and convincing evidence of physical violence. The state’s high court opines: “domestic violence restraining orders will not issue in the absence of the showing of a threat of violence, specifically a continuous threat of present physical pain or physical injury to the applicant.” Putnam v Kennedy, 279 Conn 171. But law does not matter to jews and ‘spics in Bridgeport. Judge Eddie Rodriguez makes the following finding in deprivation of due process and equal protection to malign a mother, in violation of 14th Amendment.

Based on what I’ve heard today, I’m going to do something that might be a little unusual. I’m going to grant the application because I make a finding that there has been demonstrated to my satisfaction a pattern of harassment, disturbance, annoyance, alarm, threatening behavior.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez 11 April 2022

Blog aficionados will instantly recognize the disparity between the requirements of law and the finding of the ‘spic in the black robe. The retarded state employee disrespects the requirements of law, abuses office in deprivation of civil rights, maligns a pro se mother by completely ignoring the law. Welcome to the jewdicial cesspool of Connecticut; where rights go to die. Judge Rodriguez needs a .50 cal to the head. Doing unusual things is the new standard of justice by jews, ‘spics, niggers of Connecticut jewdiciary.

Jews of the court want the goy to believe that [harassment, disturbance, annoyance, alarm, threatening behavior] = [threat of violence, continuous threat of present physical pain or physical injury to the applicant]. Maybe Rodriguez applies the ROUGH EQUIVALENT standard of jewdicial law? What the goy call WORD SALAD of the jew.

Dumb nigger CJ Robinson runs a Branch that allows ‘spics like Rodriguez to do UNUSUAL things in a court of law, in defiance of equal protection, abandoning due process, raping the Constitution, demonstrating to the world that the Connecticut Judicial Branch cannot perform its duty to a sovereign people … remedy is to burn it to the ground; build back better!! It is a Patriot’s duty to take out these tyrannical judges, sic semper tyrannis can start in Bridgeport. How much tyranny does a sovereign tolerate before the blood of these judges moistens the roots of the Tree of Liberty? Does Rodriguez incite imminent lawless action? Cause he is going to get it, death rays, smart bombs, .308 ball, at Patriot’s discretion.

Editor’s Note: Sad.