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A Lot Of Jews!

Chappelle has been to Hollywood, there are a lot of jews!!!  But that is just an observation, meaning nothing, like just a coincidence. A bunch of black folks is a gang, a flock of Italians is the mafia, Indians on horseback is a warpath, gathering of Mexicans is a taco feast, collection of Irish is a pub, a seated English crowd is high tea, a bunch of big black birds is a murder, but a whole bunch of jews running Hollywood is just a coincidence which cannot be spoken of … lest the bald asshole of ADL, the chosen master censor of goy speak, Jonathan Greenblatt takes to twitter to scold black folk for free expression on Saturday Night Live … a jewish program on a jewish network. Destroying Kayne West is not enough for Greenblatt and pals, anyone who speaks of jews is anti-semitic! There is simply nothing praiseworthy to say of jews, so any expression is anti-semitic.

Here is Greenblatt’s pontification of goy speak:

Let’s have a big round of applause for the jewish rendition of the HoloHoax, poorly scripted story of six million oppressed persons gassed in showers with a mild insecticide!!!  Deny jewish sensitivity to their own lies. Let the jews deny their expulsion from 109 countries in the past millennium, where goy ancestors could not stand Greenblatt’s ancestors. Laugh at society’s moral compass allusion that jews are special, that they can’t be fodder for a comedy show.  Greenblatt’s trauma triggers applause because he is a joke, jokes are funny.  Palestinians applaud jew trauma and wish much more trauma on your pathetic existence.

Niggers getting out of line, Greenblatt’s job to declare anti-semitism!!

Chappelle giving it to his masters … jewish wrath to follow.