Life’s A Bitch

Seriously, look at this list, call them the crazy eights.  Estrogen conspiracy to defeat rule of law and undermine the Constitution.  Bitches on a witch hunt?  Unscrupulous public players on hunt for free speech…..just f*cking brilliant example of corruption.

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, butthurt victim.

Deirdre Daly, U.S. Attorney Connecticut

Anastasia King, Assistant U.S. Attorney CT

FBI Lisa Tutty (Kline), Field Office Meriden, CT

USMJ Sarah A.L. Merriman, US District Court, CT

USMJ Joan G. Margolis, US District Court, CT

Jennifer A. Singer, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, ED Virginia

USMJ Theresa C. Buchanan, US District Court, ED Virginia

Like a gaggle of bitches on a witch hunt, impressive federal performance, betrays their true colors and betrays their so called ‘oaths’.  Not one patriot on the list.