Jennifer A. Singer, Esq.

Why is it always the rookie?  The jewdicial ass kissers of Connecticut don’t like criticism of their lesbian miscreant judges.  Butthurt gets personal in the land of Nutmegs, however, free speech is a rule.  But if the lesbo nut job Elizabeth Bozzuto gets her feelins hurt to the point she cries on lesbo US Attorney Deirdre Daly, then feds can play retaliation too.  The two dykes conspire to defeat free speech by getting pseudo dyke Lisa Tutty of FBI,(real name Lisa Kline) to fabricate a butthurt investigation under federal stalking and threat statutes.  All is fabricated, but a rookie is needed.

Unsuspecting Jennifer A. Singer, a paper pusher with an expensive law degree who processes illegal alien flight tickets gets a temporary assignment to a real courthouse.  She is handed dyke Lisa’s pile of sworn innuendoes and thinks she is a real criminal prosecutor.  After all, a jew lawyer at GS15 level must be important.  Jenn the nut gets magistrate Theresa C. Buchanan to sign the cellulose without even reading it.  Forty pages is enough for probable cause in the land of the free and the home of the stupid.

Release the flying monkeys.  Richard Stallings, still suffering from a failed high school career leads his team of constitutional terrorists to seize the fruits of free speech.  Armed federal terrorists with guns.  So macho, so stupid.  Just doing their miserable totalitarian tasks.

But when the cat is out of the bag, there is Jennifer A. Singer, a jew from Massachusetts undermining the rights of the people.  A true terrorist, but only by stupidity.  She just does not have the brains to differentiate political discontent from criminal activity.  Just another tool in the box that the pedo jews use to usurp the rule of law.  Of course, she needs to please her deviant overlords.

The terrorists are here.

The real law of family court.

The natural manure.