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The now-famous worst Blog, scrutinizes the Ambrose decree rendered by due process of Connecticut family court. Three years of litigation, hundreds of thousand$ in legal fees, hundreds of pleadings, hours of hearings, destroyed childhoods, emotional harm, produced forty pages of double-spaced drivel by his highness, the soulless Dark Lord, Gerard Adelman, granting the simple, administrative, pointless, no-fault divorce for Mad Man Christopher Ambrose. A pound of flesh would have been less expensive and not as traumatic.

Technically inclined Blog aficionados may review the annotated decision produced by Blog’s legal department, revealing Adelman’s pronounced mental psychosis, inhibiting his administration of justice. The main themes are that Adelman disrespects the First Amendment, the internet is bad, public interest invades privacy, custody trials are longer than murder trials, court whores are unfairly attacked by the public, mother is root of all evil, dad is a flawless victim of the world, adjudication is merely viewpoint discrimination, legal fees are concealed, the court never declared mom crazy, kids denied mom hugs without cause, ADA does not apply, child’s hearing loss is a point of fact, best interests is lawyer revenue, discretion defeats statutes, constitutional rights are meaningless, pro se motions are meritless, practice rules inapplicable, word salad is legal basis. But the crowning conclusion of the demented jewdicial authority is that after all the court induced familial destruction, REUNIFICATION of the family unit is ordered! It is now the goal of the court to undo destruction, all costs to parents, all cash to a jewish therapist.

Adelman’s cognitive dissonance is shocking; court rips apart the family, inflames litigation, plunders savings, destroys childhood, isolates kids from mom, in children’s best interests, then orders more expensive therapy to put the destroyed family back together? The jew game is painfully obvious. No hint of law, no state interest, no protected rights, no humanity, just jewery draining family bank to benefit jews: Grossman, Adelman, Hurwitz, Horwitz, Aldrich, Caverly. Family court is a jew game, Adelman proves it in his decree for all to see; clear & convincing. Review the annotated decision, smart fans may provide overlooked points thru the contact page.

Jefferson opines that when the people become inattentive to public affairs, judges become wolves. Not even a pack of hungry wolves would abuse children to the jew extent of the family court, who must fear now the wrath of Patriots, flash and report of a well aimed muzzle, only the Second Amendment can protect children from tyrants in black robes. Adelman proves beyond a reasonable doubt, jews of Connecticut hijack courts, rule from the talmud, victimize children in worship of their money god. He begs a patriot’s .50 cal to the head.

Blog notes that terrorist Chief Justice Richard Robinson condones Adelshit, undermining public trust and confidence in the courts, abusing children, creating need of lynchings … his first.