Mary Brigham

The big black man in the black robe sitting atop the corrupt Connecticut judiciary is cowering in his office, fearful his legacy will be nothing but a black-face puppet for jewish masters who hijacked the courts. The token person-of-color selection is a perfect choice to execute a non-American agenda, subduing a free people with their own courts. Chief Justice Richard Robinson is powerless, toothless, spineless, and can only masquerade as CJ, keeping up the appearance of law in a land of tyranny.

Poor Richard fears exposure of the money trail. Purposeless conflict in lower courts, large fees, purchased decisions, crooked judges, protracted litigation, twisted clerks, deceitful attorneys, an entire system corrupted by easy money at the expense of justice. The child trafficking business of Waterbury JD is now getting too much public attention. Judge Moukawsher’s public disclosure senior judicial leadership is addressing family court’s maladies betrays the underlying judge war; good vs. evil in black drapes. But money is money, jews are jews, where the racket of family court will not be remedied by verbal disagreements. The judges are pawns in a sinister state apparatus where the appearance of government is a mere veil to hide the real power structure of the State.

The credibility of the State goes up in smoke once the money trail is publicized, exposing fleeced families, enriched lawyers, tipped judges, purchased decisions, raped childhoods, all under the guise of justice. Mary Brigham hides her ill gotten cash in her single member LLC, where revenue and kickbacks paid are hidden from the tax man. But even cash leaves a trail. Hounds on the scent can collapse the entire judiciary with the exposure of how money circulates in the Waterbury JD. Contact tracing of some of the nastiest players in family court sets the stage of exposure. Bozzuto, Ficeto, Coleman, Brigham, Fasano, Guiliano, Cutsumpas, Resha, all have roots in Waterbury, all involved in horrific child trafficking and looting cases. Inhumane rulings made in the name of best interests, all having enormous financial benefit for everyone but mom and the kids. Follow the money, it keeps Richard Robinson up at night!

The veracity at which Mary Brigham pursues jailing mothers for non-payment of GAL fees betrays the greedy judges who entertain the shake down. Only a judicial authority awaiting a cash kickback has interest in a collection matter. The speed at which mother will be thrown in jail for not liquidating retirement accounts to pay the GAL tells all. The hounds are on the scent. The system was rigged with legislative assistance in creating court authority for parents to pay the GAL directly in CGS ยง46b-62, changed in 1988 to provide for the direct payment, no other purpose than to hide the payment from the taxman, creating an untaxed judicial slush fund, prior to this the court taxed the parents, who paid the court, who paid the GAL, under a contract with a proper 1099. This was the same era of legislative collusion with the Bar Association to remove sovereign oversight of the practice book, which enabled the judiciary to overturn stare decisis of due process by rules approved solely by the central committee, defeating power of the sovereign over their own courts.

The graft in the GAL scam was upped in 2002 where jew Judges Gruendal, Dranginis, and Munro, recommended raising the fees for private pay GALs, so documented in the Rowland Commission Report, specifically stated: “Ensure better compensation for GALs”. Read it with your own eyes here. Can’t see the money trail? Judges need parents to pay the GALs more to up the jewdicial cut.

An audit of all the invoices issued by Mary Brigham, confirmation of payment by litigants per order of the court, comparison to Brigham’s schedule C in declared income, trace the checks and cash withdrawals, tracing of various bank accounts, Brigham’s credit card transactions, all lead the sniffing hounds to cash in judicial pockets. Same goes for the Fasano Family Law firm, all of Bill Groh’s payments to Rosemary Guiliano and Michael Fasano, Sr. Audit their accounts for the funny transactions in case or cashiers checks. Do the same for Dr. Shawn Tittle and his purchases of post-judgment decisions from Judges Lynda Munro, Gerard Adelman, Lloyd Cutsumpas, run thru Attorney Giuliano and the evil Mary Brigham. Mailings to a P.O. Box in Texas is another trace to the judges’ pockets. Money always leaves a trail, just takes a good nose to follow it all the way to the shot caller.

A responsible press would simply ask the Judiciary Committee how much money is sucked out of unsuspecting families every year to pay for GALs in the due process of a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce. Clowns on the Committee will not answer, as they don’t want you to know, and they don’t want to know. Family Court is a private ATM run by judges for the benefit of lawyers, not subject to scrutiny by a curious sovereign people.

When the parental militia burns a cross in the highlands, a call to arms against child predators, patriots respond by torching the courthouses, hunting down the players, lynching tyranny. But a special payback awaits Mary Brigham and her evil pals. Slow boil in her own excrement, feet first into a woodchipper on the edge of Lake Zoar, medieval tickler application of rats, or simple flaying of her cancerous skin, to ward off imitators. Forcibly dragging her ward Wyatt across the lawn to her car, claiming she is taking them for ice cream will certainly not happen again. But dumping her remains in a hog trough would pretty much erase everything but her teeth from existence. Probably give the pigs indigestion.

Perhaps the greatest fear for the coward Richardson is that the miscreants became so sloppy and so obvious that his masters’ game is exposed, jewish wrath being worse than a betrayed people. Crashing the judiciary in full public disgrace is a far greater loss than one cancerous GAL or heretic judge. A well regulated militia holds cause to eviscerate the putrid bench, the death knell for Robinson and his crew of deviants. Let justice be done. Let freedom ring. Let semi-auto shots be heard around the courthouse.

Worried yet?