Pedo Alert!

The now-famous Blog issues a PEDO ALERT on the actions of Attorney Misty Simmons of FreedMarcroft in her twisted family court games of concealing the source of $250k ‘borrowed’ funds for deviant client Fancelia Sevin in the case of trafficking little Odin Sakon. Judge Tammy Viet-Cong is in on child trafficking, ignoring the fact that an interested public is watching.

What is now the longest running unresolved ‘no-fault’ divorce action in the history of Corrupticut, the Sakon case enters its sixth year of pointless litigation where the matter is not final. Francelia Sakon has no job, no income, no assets, but funds FreedMarcroft to the tune of $250k which she supposedly borrowed from fuckbuddy Dennis O’Toole. Only a criminal enterprise spends so much cash to cut dad out of the life of his son in complete defiance of public policy. Why is Judge Tammy Viet-Cong entertaining this pointless litigation? Family court is where children are raped by jewdicial discretion.

The underlying sinister issue is that FreedMarcroft knows Dennis O’Toole did not lend all that cash while driving a thirteen year old car. Probable cause of criminal conduct laid bare in open court. How society is played by child predators in family court. The criminal question remains: who provided the cash?

Misty Simmons, product of a broken home, deviant upbringing, holding a worthless law degree from Quinnipiac, commits professional misconduct by filing to quosh father’s subpoena seeking to identify the source of cash supposedly ‘borrowed’ by her client to fund FreedMarcroft’s six years of pointless litigation. Blog aficionados know that full, fair, and frank disclosures are required in family matters so that the court can make proper, informed decisions in the best interest of the child. Misty and the managing partners at FreedMarcroft know this as well. It is a duty of FreedMarcroft to extract the information from Francelia as to the nature of the ‘debt’ on the sworn affidavit. It is the duty of the law firm to respond to the inquiry as to the source of the cash and terms of repayment. It is the duty of the firm to disclose such details to the court. It is a necessity of the court to understand the financial details of the parties. So why is Misty filing a motion to conceal the disclosure? If there is nothing sinister about the source of so much cash from a third party, why the secrecy? See how child trafficking works? It costs money, which is collected by a law firm to purchase the court decision. In technical terms it is called a FELONY.

FreedMarcroft is now engaged in conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy of racketeering, conspiracy to traffic a child, conspiracy in money laundering. It is not professional legal practice to ask the court for a protective order to hide the source of so much cash, it is criminal conduct. Judge Tammy is part of the trafficking game. She will do nothing to expose the source of the cash nor will she discipline FreedMarcroft for filing such meritless, frivolous, vexatious actions. The rogue conduct of Connecticut Courts is so bad, that the attorneys and judges do not even care that criminal activity is exposed on the docket for all to see.

Follow the money. Family court is about money and raping children. Judge Tammy allows it in full public view with impunity. FreedMarcroft is a criminal enterprise. Tammy is pimping for the pedos.