Paid To Read Da Blog!

Want to get paid to read da blog? Salary, benefits, pension, medical, dental, paid vacation, holidays? All for sitting on your ass in a comfy office! Just get a job working for Martin Libbin in the legal services department of the Connecticut Judiciary. When the morons in black robes get annoyed by public expressions on court matters, protected by the First Amendment, Marty gets tasked with seeking out ‘da blog’ and silencing its authors.

The State of Connecticut uses public funds, deploying its agents to hunt down blog contributors, even crossing state lines to pursue persons suspected of blogging about the jewdicial cesspool of Corrupticut and its paedo players. Free speech is the enemy of the Judiciary. Recently, state investigator Garritt Kelly, was identified as the snoop seeking information on private citizens associated with the now famous blog. Kelly did not have a search warrant, nor did he claim any probable cause of criminal activity. He was looking for names.

If you or anyone you know have been writing blog posts, exercising free expression, criticizing the Connecticut Jewdiciary, or have had too much to think; Investigator Garritt Kelly wants to hear from you! He is on a Marty mission to hunt down and eliminate bloggers and their associates who offend the judges of Corrupticut. His office phone is 860-568-5157 x3029 or email Kelly will be so happy to hear from you he will offer to suck your dick or rape your child. Kelly is a sleezeball, a paedo insider, a former East Hampton cop who has performance problems; just the dirty type that Marty needs to run his gestapo enterprise, hidden deep within the judiciary. It almost looks legit!!! However, this jewdicial investigator holds no police powers to investigate people for exercising 1A rights. He is not a ‘sworn law enforcement officer’. His stately duty is merely to investigate complaints against state licensed attorneys who may have violated the bullshit Rules of Professional Conduct, as assigned by fellow paedophile, Michael Bowler, the Statewide Bar Counsel.

As Voltaire observed long ago, our masters are those whom we cannot criticize. The black robed morons of the courts pretend they run the place. Nigger Boy Richard Robinson sits atop a corrupt court infrastructure, funded with public money to undermine the Constitution. A jewish enterprise designed to destroy the rights of a sovereign people, eliminating opposition to the jew mission. In Oz, it was the flying monkeys, in Hartford it is foot soldiers like Garritt Kelly on secret missions ordered by judges, enabled by Marty and executed by stumbling fools to silence the goy.

State sponsored terrorists such as Kelly should fear the power of a sovereign people who hold Second Amendment rights for the sole purpose of defending themselves against such tyranny. A .50 cal to the head does an excellent job of readjusting the attitude of tyrants and their elite masters, while defending the Constitution. When the hunters of free speech become the hunted, there is liberty and justice for all.

Garritt Kelly, terrorist, free speech hunter, paedophile.
How to spot and eliminate a terrorist.

Editor’s Note: This is not the first time the Connecticut Judiciary’s gestapo has been caught hunting free speech. See previous post CSSD Gestapo.