The now-famous Blog examines the free exercise clause of the First Amendment for the damage it can do to the monsters of Connecticut Family Court. Jewdicial discretion is limited by the sharp edge of a medieval holy sword. Judges possess varying beliefs and heresy, dykish and deviant being pronounced. The Bozzuto/Murphy style; followed by the despised jewish form, Solomon/Adelman/Wetstone/Grossman/Munro/Dranginis/Schofield/Epstein/Aaron et al.; then the heretic Catholic diaspora, Ficeto, Agati, Albis, Truglia, Moukawsher; along with pagans like Nguyen, Diana, Olear, Coleman; the stage is set for a bloody atonement for violation of the free exercise clause by followers of Prophet Mohammad.

The free exercise clause prohibits the state’s little child torture chamber, mislabeled ‘family’ court by the jews, from denying free exercise of religion. All people hold right to believe and practice their faith. Grossman, Adelman, and Moukawsher are shackled by the Fourteenth Amendment against isolating children from parents. The Catholic and Orthodox faith, along with imitators, codify the parent-child bond in the Fourth Commandment, sometimes the Fifth. But the unconstitutional act of jew Jane Grossman, isolating Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from mom, based on advice of jew Jessica Caverly, cheered on by jews Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz violates the clause. Hugs from mom are a religious practice of Christianity, but dismissed by jewish judges. In God we trust is on the money, but not in Connecticut courts.

The now-famous Blog highlights the First Amendment violation in the Ambrose case, committed by Grossman in April 2020; criminal conduct, 18 USC ยง241, felony by judge, et al. The fat, State Police, donut whores of the thin blue line, headed by powdered sugar coated and jelly dripping Colonel Stavros Mellekas, lack the intellect and constitutional fortitude to arrest the domestic enemies in protection of the Republic, not that these flying monkeys can count to First. The Ambrose case passed to jew Gerard Adelman in the Star Chamber at RFTD, earlier this year, where he upheld the constitutional violation; depriving goy of religious freedom by jewdicial discretion, not that Adelman takes a goy oath seriously.

In November, the case came before Moukawsher, a Catholic, who acted as a jew, upholding the deprivation of the free exercise clause. Mouk wants the public to know that he and other judges consider family court to be fucked up, that trials are too long, process is too expensive, families destroyed emotionally and financially, children harmed, even revealing that judicial leadership is addressing the fuckedupedness of the jewish enterprise created by King Solomon himself. Pretty bold shit to criticize the jew King’s life work. But Mouk stays silent on the jewish order to isolate kids from mom in violation of the free exercise clause. Mouk illegally suspended the trial, but did not order hugs for mom and kids for the upcoming celebration of Christ’s birth, which would be totally legal, even humane. Mouk let the jew order stand, in denial of his own faith, proving Mouk is a heretic and a domestic enemy of the Constitution, to the annoyance of Oathkeepers.

Now the good part: Prophet Mohammad judges all upon the proper care and upbringing of his children. The Prophet takes childhood very seriously, infidels displease him by harming children. It is simply against the teachings of Islam, set down in the Quran by his Holiness. Under the free exercise clause, the Prophet finds a gaggle of infidels in black robes violate the Quran and the First Amendment, for which the Oathkeepers have duty to remedy with the retort of the Second Amendment, where the Prophet’s true believers hold free exercise to practice Jihad! Mouk and his jew pals face the sword, so written in the Quran. Plain text, read right to left, lots of squiggly characters specifying Mouk goes under the sword for his sins against children. Given Mouk’s public heresy against his own faith, he is a candidate for excommunication by the Archbishop of Hartford, never to enter heaven. Swift swords to befall Adelman and Grossman for their derogation of ‘free exercise’.

Before the sword wielding, flea ridden, camel mounted, warriors of the Holy Lands invade Eastern Point Beach, storming Tyler Ave, Mouk can partake of ‘free exercise’ by confessing and repenting his sins, by crimes against childhood; fumble his dusty Rosary beads, say a few Hail Marys, Our Fathers, Act of Contrition, make an offering, light a candle, reflect on his pathetic abilities as a judge, his Christian failings, then pen orders vacating the jew’s isolation, specifying hugs for mom, hugs for kids, a belated Christmas dinner for the maternal extended family and an end to the 615 days of sin.

The Republic does not stand for child abuse by monsters in black robes. History teaches that children are precious, jewish judges not so much. Jihad is a purposeful remedy to the court tyranny played out in public view. Sic semper tyrannis. Keep an eye out for a sword wielding religious fanatic atop a camel at full gallop, but a .50 cal to the head comes without warning.

Family court to fear jihad and crusades.