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Judge John Shirley – Debenched

The dark hand of the nationwide child trafficking consortium known as the AFCC has brought public outcry against one of its members, Judge John Shirley of Jackson, Mississippi.  The court insider organization founded by the chosen ones has a private agenda which denounces the Constitution along with any Christian beliefs regarding family or teachings of the church.

The monster in black robe did wield his unchecked, limitless DISCRETION beyond the limits of law, beyond the limits of humanity and in perfect alignment with the Talmud of Babylon on how goyim get treated in a Rabbinical Court.  Miscreant of a human and a tyrant in black, John Shirley did separate a child from its mother over the legal doctrine of unpaid court fees.  Yes, in America, the land of liberty and justice for all, the white jewdicial overlord did violate the Eighth Amendment in use of ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ handed down in a court of law by a monster over $55 in court fees.

The jewdicial authority has no limits when it comes to treatment of four-legged animals and their calves in front of the bench; use of state and federal funds to heard the goy, separating mother from child.  Notice that there is no one to check the Zionistic agenda of the judge.  No liberty police, no public counsel, nobody.  Everyone bows to the idiot in the black robe, even the feds.  But the people of Jackson did attack the white monster in the black robe and forced him off the bench.  See the point here?  We the people can get rid of these monsters.  Even when protected by the ruling class, the governor, the mafia police, the state Bar, the insiders of the legislative judiciary committee…..We the people have the power to knock these monsters off the bench as is what happened to John Shirley.  He has resigned because the people called out the tyrant for what he truly is…a tyrant.  SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!!!!  Read article here.  Contact his law office to congratulate his holiness on cleaning the bench.