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The now-famous Blog spotlights the pathetic journalism that covers the evil of family court. A bizare puff piece written by Amy Polacko, a self described ‘divorce coach’ babbles on about family court without identifying the cause. More kafkaesque allusions the ‘broken system’. Newsflash: Family Court works exactly as designed, it is not broken. Goy sheeple just cannot recognize the jewish purpose to destroy families and loot their savings, while enriching the chosen.

Amy’s pathetic prose starts out with a pull quote stating that it is wrong to think the court will protect children. Well no shit! The court exists to devour children. Ancient jewish parasitic practices of sacrificing Christian babies lives on in the form of family court ‘discretion’. No laws, just the whim of a jew in a black robe to destroy mother/child bonds. A perfect attack on Christian theology, the sanctity of family, love of children, importance of the holy sacrament of marriage, all done under the color of state law to make it look legit.

The tragedy of Cobie Jane is used to beg pity for another mother stripped of the fruits of her womb by the kikes in Stamford Family Court. ‘It feels like the whole system is stacked against us.’ Reality is the jews run the system and the jews do not stack it, they designed it precisely to take kids away from mothers. Jews have always promoted pedophilia and it is daddy’s dick that is penetrating the kids, so mom gets the boot. The financial benefit to jew lawyers and judges is the errant belief by mothers that they can spend more money to ‘fight’ to get the kids back. Oh, what a setup! Mother spends her last penny on a Bar pal of a jew lawyer to play mom before the court, who will never return the kids. Bleeding cash to lawyer pockets is the game, parents are the victims, kids are the bait. Money is the true god of the jew.

Historians note that the elimination of family and parents is a Marxist, Communist ideology, which is authored by jews. The jewish designed state will replace familial purpose. The goy will be nothing more than four legged animals under control of a barbaric government of the chosen. Destruction of the human condition is the goal. Family court supports that goal.

The pathetic prose then hypes a simple academic paper as a ‘ground breaking study’ that the jewish courts favor men beating their women and taking the kids away. Jewish ideology shown in statistics. Keeping the policy spotlight on domestic violence keeps pedophilia in the shadows. The paper confirms complaints that the courts do not protect the children. No shit? Need a university professor to say the obvious? The jew courts will always protect the pedophile, rape the children, and dispose of the mother. Just how jews roll.

Next is an estimate by a council of morons that 58,000 abused kids are left to the horrors of their abusers (pedo fathers); the number is too low. The U.S. is the pedo capital of the world. Pedos need inventory. Other countries with white orphanages have banned Americans from adoption as the kids will just feed the unbridled jewish practice of child rape in the land of the free and the home of pedo.

Another tag line is tossed in the prose complaining that DV victims don’t get a free lawyer, as in criminal matters. Like what good would a jew lawyer do a mother when the entire court system is designed to protect pedos, rape kids, and silence mothers? Why is it so hard to see that the jews run a court to traffic usable children? It is not a court of law. No constitution applies. So obvious, but the coverage is pathetic. Like whining about the jew is going to make life better?

The drivel turns to Tina Swithin who whines that the ‘failings of family court system are a problem that belongs to all of us’. The word salad obscures the reality that the jews are a problem and need to be cast out of society. Jews have been expelled from 109 countries in the last 1200 years. They were even expelled from ancient Rome a few times before the Common Era. Jews are parasites that gorge themselves on any profitable aspect of the host society, family court is no exception. It is not the court, a room full of furniture that makes these evil rulings to rape childhood, it is a judge, a person, a human being, the one who issues the orders, who is under the complete control of the jewish ideology that four legged calves will be separated from their four legged mothers for whatever use the jews has for the calf.

Next is quotes from Betsy Keller of Connecticut who thinks the evil is from fathers and slick lawyers who ‘manipulate’ the SYSTEM. Oi vey, some people can’t see reality and can’t speak English. Unless Betsy Keller’s ‘organization‘ provides intensive fire arms training with .308 ball ammunition, there will be no change in Connecticut. Change may come when the body count of jewdicial monsters hits double digits. Until then, pedophiles will continue to harvest kids before the bench.

The article reveals that Jane Cobie was before the jews of Stamford Family Court, along with Jen Dulos. Jew Judge Donna Heller presiding. Jane even had the deviant, demented, pervert Dennis Puebla to supervise visitation with her own kids. A jewish game, pay to see your own kids, because mom is not a criminal, there is no restraining order, their is no threat to the children, but the jew knows that such unconstitutional restriction of liberty scares the kids, inflicts emotional and psychological harm on children, and puts ill gotten cash in Puebla’s pocket. A jewish delicacy, what the goy call racketeering.

Note that the supervised visitation (SV) scam is an end run around due process, as mom has not been adjudicated are danger to her children. It is also viewpoint discrimination as the judge applies jewish ideology to restrict parent/child interactions, simple unconstitutional prior restraint and invasion of privacy, obscured by best interest jewish word salad See how the jews shred the Bill of Rights? There is no state licensing for the jew SV scam. There are no state approved vendors, no qualifications. There are no standards of care. There is no vetting process. There is not even proof of insurance provided to the court, as required for all state contractors. See how slippery jew Judge Donna Heller is? Avoids all the normal and customary contracting requirements of a professional operation, just to benefit the jews. SV is a jewish scam applied to the family courts by the jews of the AFCC. Puebla is pedo.

Next up is Catherine Kassenoff, an attorney and counsel to the Governor Huchul. Her horror story is out of Westchester authored by the jews of the New York Unified Court System. Mother of three daughters is accused of being mentally defective, by the loving dad!! Dad is Attorney Allan Kassenoff, a partner at the jew law firm of GreenbergTraurig, who can prance before jew Judge Lewis J. Lubell in defiance of federal law on Americans with Disabilities Act, get mom kicked out of the house, hit her with a restraining order, and isolated from the three girls in one quick court hearing. Jew psychobabblist Dr. Marc T. Abrams spins lies to destroy mother. When there are children to rape, the jew court is swift and precise.

Daddy spent over a million dollars to destroy his wife in the name of a simple administrative no-fault divorce. The jew judge piled ‘therapy’ on top of undefined supervision, costing mom over $70k just to speak to her own children over the internet. The court that cares so much about money raped childhood so hard as to drive the daughters to suicidal ideations and stress disorders. Just what a loving, wise, affectionate, and careful parent wishes for children. So jewish, so alien to American values, can only be executed by a sinister state with a tyrannical desire to destroy families and the next generation of parents … like it is all by design, following a recipe.

The merchants of child pederasty have taken their pound of flesh, mom is out of money, their is no recourse, lawyers took her last $600k, laughing to the bank, another family fleeced by a fabricated fight over kids, a conflict only jews can love. The daughters are permanently damaged, living at 161 Beach Ave, Larchmont with evil monster. Residents of Larchmont love child predators so much that they put Allan on the Planning Board!! No doubt there is a pedophile zone in Larchmont where the screams of children are silenced.

Unless pedo daddy Allan is hit by a bus, the girls will never know their mother. Sometimes it just takes a .50 cal to the head to fix jewish errors, some times it only takes a bus.

The aftershocks of the deliberate jewish momectomy are a continuing drama. Dr. Susan Adler, PhD is being sued for her jooish psychobabble played on the family. Read some real reporting by Megan Fox in PJMedia here. The now-famous Blog provides a public service notice that whining about jewish harm to children under the color of state divorce laws is a waste of time. If Judge Lewis Lubell is found at the bottom of the Hudson River wearing concrete shoes, with a note nailed to his forehead ‘for the children’, then there might be a small change, at least a new jew on the bench. A free people cannot protect children from the racketeering and conspiracies of the jewish mafia by expressive voice, no one is listening. The legislature is in on the racket. Christianity and enlightened societies do not survive by saying prayers in private, there is such thing as a Crusade. God provided the righteous with weapons for a reason. Once child predators are in fear of harm, then there is liberty. The Second Amendment is a legal form of child protection. The jews of the courts incite imminent lawless action, to the point they beg for it. Keep your powder dry and stock up on .308 ball. A few cans of Zyklon B is helpful, as most jews are allergic to it.

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