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Albis The Whiner!

Judge Michael Albis, the head of the judicial cesspool of family court in Connecticut is whining that he, along with his overpaid and under-educated staff, can’t get the job done because of the virus. Albis is a jerk. He claims to be understaffed and cannot issue administrative no-fault divorces. Oi vey, will the jews never stop telling lies.

The large breasted but small brained Shannon Miller of NBC Connecticut did a pathetic puff piece on the backlog in family court, allegedly due to the pandemic. Shannon is so stupid that she cannot see the jewdicial scam on the people. Judge Albis, under the niggardly leadership of poor boy Chief Judge Richard Robinson, tells lies to the people on why retarded state employees cannot process papers delivered electronically for judicial rulings. Before the nasty money grabbing miscreant Judge Lynda Munro mucked up a simple system to run up legal fees for litigants, court papers were filed for decision without argument. Matters were submitted for decision ‘on the papers’. There was a classification column on the case detail, as to whether the issue was arguable or not. (Y/N). Munro did away with this practice, to make everything arguable, meaning every decision would require a hearing, more court time, which was designed to artificially inflate the workload on the court to justify more judicial budget from the legislature. It also meant that lawyers would have more billable hours for coming to court for everything. Brilliant scam!!! The family court judges have one purpose … money … billable hours for their Bar pets who live off of sucking up family savings for the excuse of obtaining a simple administrative no-fault divorce.

Judge Michael Albis claims he is short staffed, the backlog of cases is beyond his control, blames the virus, but he cannot explain why the telephones don’t work, facetime is unavailable, or any other cause as to why the simple tasks of the court would be affected by a virus. The grocery stores in Connecticut don’t have a backlog of unfilled carts, no starving folks, food stamps still issue, why has family court stopped doing its job? Gas stations still open, cars still driving, schools are open, NFL played a full schedule … why is Albis and his mismanaged court so special? Incompetence? Jewish anarchy played out on a civilized society?

Looks like Shannon Miller was dragged into another jewish shit show by her NBC jewdicial masters to deliver propaganda to the goy on why state paychecks keep getting cashed but no service provided. But hey, Shannon has big tits!!

Shannon Miller has great tits for a lousy reporter.
Jewdicial puppet Judge Michael Albis provides propaganda on why his divorce court can’t do its job, perhaps he can look in the mirror.