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Justice Andrew McDonald: Butthurt


The sexually deviant political elite of Connecticut want to push the people further up the HIV infected pooper chute of the Zionist agenda.  A political theme of the state is to promote everything that is anti-American, anti-Apple Pie, anti-Christian, driving society into a chaotic abyss; the revenge of Kundry.

What is the purpose of having the anally fixated Andrew McDonald lead the third branch of state government for the next decade?  He is not a legal scholar.  He is not of superior intellect.  His judgement is so poor that he pleasures himself with another man’s anus.  Maybe little boys too?  His supporters attempt to muzzle free speech to protect his deviant, unconstitutional and anti-Christian conduct.  What purpose does this miscreant have to act as Chief Judge for a free people?

What was the purpose of McDonald’s bill to violate the Constitution by attempting to interfere with the internal operations of the Catholic Church?  In 2009, two sodomites, McDonald and Lawlor introduced a bill having no purpose to the people of Connecticut to change the structure of Catholic Parishes.  The two faggots were not representing interests of the people, nor the interests of the Church.  The gay boys were misusing their positions as Senators to violate the Constitution.  A simple criminal act in conspiracy in deprivation of rights, a federal crime under 18 USC 241.  A thinly veiled act of retaliation against a church who holds no marriage sacrament for gay men.  Note McDonald did not write the bill against mosques….Sharia calls for the beheading of McDonald.

The motivation is obvious, the inner circle of Governor Malloy’s gay fuck buddies were illegally using their elected powers to attack the Catholic Church.  The terrible organization that built Western Societies in the name of Christ to create a civilization, common peoples, common beliefs, commonwealths.  Jews and homosexuals share common purpose in attacking the Church and society.  The devil works through McDonald.  His accession to the state supreme court is a tactical move in the deviant strategy to destroy the traditional family basis of society, promote gender confusion, promote sodomy, advocate deviancy in pursuit of the ultimate goal of legalizing pedophilia.

Interesting to note the alleged Catholic, Sen. John Kissel is promoting McDonald’s gay ascension to Chief Justice in view of McDonald’s open hatred for the Church and its teachings.  Senators Tong and Kissel claim that criticism of McDonald is a hate crime.  Yet raising a bill attacking a church on behalf of two sodomites is just another day in Hartford?

Stacking the politic with gays and jews will eventually bring about the land of the free and the home of the legal pedophiles.  Future generations of American kids will know butthurt better than baseball.  The christian majority of the country will be destroyed, called out as bigots and haters for not embracing the queer and jew agendas.  Sodomites like McDonald, Lawlor, Malloy, Kissel and Tong will be protected in their unconstitutional actions by the thin blue line of pedo muscle.  Free speech is now a hate crime in Connecticut.  Churches can be attacked through unconstitutional acts of the legislature.  Private agendas rule the political landscape.  But criticism in political debate is now bigotry and racist.  If you are not on the crazy deviant express you are a bad person!

See the odd reporting by the oldest crustiest political correspondent in the state.  WTNH 8’s own Mark Davis.   The media avoids reporting the obvious that the sexually deviant power structure of the state ignores the Constitution, attacks critics with hollow threats of hate crimes and works to destroy a Christian society.  What is the sense of having the media if it is a supporter of anarchy and the jew-gay agenda?

Let’s be completely honest, the people of Connecticut will not benefit from sodomite Andrew McDonald’s appointment as Chief Justice.  Codifying sin is not a christian value.  Time to cut off the oxygen to the sinister agenda of the deviants.  There are real issues facing the Nutmeg state and its people which require the application of Patriots to address.  A government of the people, by the people and for the people does not survive on sodomy, attacks on churches or trashing of the First Amendment.  Kicking McDonald off the bench completely is the best medicine to protect little boy rectums of future generations.

Puff piece by Mark Davis at link below

Deviancy is the goal of Andrew McDonald, if you don’t like it, you are guilty of a hate crime!!!

Political criticism is a hate crime.

Mark Davis, WTNH 8, can’t report the obvious.