Budlong, Osborne & Duell

The conspiracy of the family bar racketeers Jonathan Budlong, Melissa Osborne, and Kim Duell game the family court to rape the childhoods of three gifts from God in the case Templeton v Kannon. Another example of jews playing the goy for shekels, 868 days of pointless litigation, tag teamed by 7 judges: Dolan, Wetstone, Caron, Gilman, Klau, Diana, and finally Moukawsher at the RFTD star chamber. The malicious conflict promoting Kim Duell ran up a bill of over $20,000! See the real purpose of family court … money for jews!

Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

Attorney Melissa Osborne represents the mother of three girls, Suzanne Templeton, while running up a ridiculous legal bill to the detriment of the children. Osborne is a pathetic lawyer who failed at complex real estate law, dropping to the bottom of the profession to practice family law for the last thirteen years. No real law firm will have her. She pretends to have an office, subleasing space at 111 Simsbury Road in Avon from MoranSchusterLLP. Another grifter who financially victimizes parents in the name of no-fault divorce. Her business strategy is to drag out litigation on the few clients she has. In 2019, she only had five new clients. In 2020 she had six. In 2021, she had eight. Dragging out pointless litigation is easy work and easy money. Working with racketeering pros like Budlong and Duell keeps up the mortgage and the luxury car payments, while paying for pampering spa treatments.

The father and son family court tag team of Budlong & Budlong is well known for fleecing families. Two disgusting individuals incapable of honest employment, resort to deceit, trickery, and application of best interests to bleed families. They deserve each other, their mothers should be ashamed.

Then the professional agitator Attorney Kim Duell is appointed on motion filed by Attorney Osborne before the return date. Impressive, right out of the gate, before the papers are even served on daddy, Attorney Osbourne demands the court appoint a GAL! Doting Judge Dolan immediately grants the motion right after return date. Amazingly fast judicial service, loading the case up front with greedy monsters of the Family Bar Association. Evaluators, psychologists, therapists, parenting supervisors come later. The now-famous Blog shares the advertised goals of Attorney Duell, while she bleeds a family for $20k, but the court rejected her recommendations.

My goal is to provide multiple options for families going through the process of divorce to minimize the pain, anguish and expense the divorce experience can bring.

    These options are designed to support clients in resolving the issues that come with this process, in an efficient, effective manner, that minimizes blame and futile battles, and emphasizes communication, and goal based conflict resolution.

Attorney Kim Duell

Therein is the F-R-A-U-D of the practice of family law. This is a case out of New Britain, not known for rich households. Charlatans, cheats, thieves, masquerading as Commissioners of the Superior Court. No truth in lawyer advertising, just deception for financial gain. The underlying economic driver is that there are too many starving lawyers who are too incompetent other than to hang around family court with equally incompetent judges, so when a family with money comes along, the vultures pounce and leave not a scrap of flesh on the bones. The judiciary would be wise to actually regulate the practice of law and the amount of court time devoted to vultures for the sole purpose of draining family savings, lest there be spontaneous combustion of courthouses.

Surprise Ruling

The surprise in this case is the ruling by Judge Thomas Moukawsher that calls out all the court vultures for being child predators. Read a most amazing opinion criticizing the lawyers, vendors, and judges for pointless and expensive litigation having no purpose in law. Even GAL Duell is severely criticized for her conduct. But Moukawsher is not so righteous as to sanction the attorneys for bleeding the family for personal enrichment. Another charlatan giving an appearance of shit without actually giving a shit.

Moukawsher calls out family court for being the scam known to all. He states that none of the parental bickering and legal pleadings should have been the focus, as it ignored the children. The case was poured over at great length and expense by court staff, special masters, DCF, the GAL, so-called ‘experts’, adversarial and greedy lawyers, too many judges, all of which reveal nothing to claim either parent is unfit, where the parents themselves agreed to joint custody of the three girls; 11, 12, 15. The court’s ‘due process’ destroyed the family.

Now virtually all their money is gone. The mortgage is in default. The children are on Food Stamps and have received state subsidized health care. The retirement savings are spent. The credit cards are maxed out. They are proposing to sell the family home so they can pay the guardian ad litem.

The case is a remarkable illustration of mismanagement. The lawyers should have withdrawn before their fees ruined the family.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

Blog aficionados are not surprised at the destruction of the family, that is par for the course for the jewish form of family court. Like Moukawsher is alarmed at a case that was before jew Judge Holly’s Talmudic court for two years before it made it to him? Like the parents are at fault for acting under advice of counsel and being threatened by the GAL? Why did Moukawsher not void the GAL bill for misconduct? False advertising? Racketeering? Why sell the house where the children live when the GAL fees can be discharge in bankruptcy court under federal law? The GAL works for the court which has the power to zero the fees with a stroke of Moukawsher’s pen, but he is too much of a coward to do it. So much for caring for the children, a pompous idiot of no value to society.

Moukawsher is a half-assed twit who whines and complains about the jewish form of family court, but is spineless to make any remedial orders from the bench. If his ruling is to be believed, he has the power to void all legal fees, but he won’t, as money is the true god of the jews who run family court.

Moukawsher is jewdicial shit worthy of a .50 cal to the head.

Editor’s Note: The fallacy of family court is that a clown like Moukawsher can cry about the system, but he perpetuates conflict, there have been 21 additional docket entries after his ruling. The lawyers are still billing, the financial rape continues. All a jewish scam to fool the goy into believing there is justice in a jewish court.